Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Princess is SO Sick

I KNOW you are probably tired of hearing how sick we are.... I KNOW I am TIRED of the kids being so sick!! But we are coming before you today to once again ask you to partner with us in prayer....

This little Princess is SO SICK.

Like can NOT keep ANYTHING down for 3+ days.

Even the tiniest sip of water has her retching and vomiting.

Poor Little Princess.

(And poor mommy! The laundry and cleaning has been INSANE!)

So off the the Doctor we went this morning.

Doctor's verdict. Viral stomach bug. No big deal.... EXCEPT!

Except the Little Princess is well on her way to dehydration.

She has not been able to keep ANYTHING down for days.
She hasn't been able to go pee for over 24 hours and she now has what she calls "guacamole poo" (aka diarrhea). Yes, probably TMI, but what can I say... I am a MOM!

This is all pretty typical kid stuff, and I KNOW that.

I also know the treatment is a bit of IV hydration and she is well on her way to good again... BUT....

This is also the kiddo with NO INSURANCE...

Yup, we are one of THOSE families. Seriously, it is ridiculous to have to admit, but there is NO WAY I can afford health insurance for Audrey and I. (and please.... the energy to tell you how we don't qualify for state insurance because the state does not count my SON as a member of our family (since he receives SSI) and therefore I make too much money (an whopping $2300 a month!) for a family of 2 to qualify... yea, I will be in a puddle of tears on the floor if I have to explain that one today..) And I have already spent over $300 today on doctor's visit, medication and pediasure!

So... here I am.

I BELIEVE in the power of pray so I am asking you to partner with us and


The Doctor has given me until tomorrow morning to get her re hydrated. If she is not showing clear signs of hydration at that point they will admit her to the local hospital and place an IV. I know that this would not be the end of the world, and I KNOW that this would help her be healthy, but I also know the burden of yet another medical bill will be a HARD one for me to carry!

Please pray with us that God's will is done.
That I rest easy in the knowledge that His will is the best.
And for Audrey's body... to get well, no matter what it takes!
(just WAY MORE peace for mommy if takes hospitalization and more bills!)

Thank you!!!
For standing with us,
For loving us,
And for reading my ramblings!


Catherine said...

Hi - through Healthy Families you should be able to qualify for healthy kids for your daughter, you might have a bit of a premium cost per quarter, but according to one of our health specialist in our office here in Mendocino County, you should be eligible.