Monday, May 9, 2011

Headband nightmare SOLVED!

Do you have headbands in your home?

You know, those super cute accessories that look great on mommies and little princesses?

We do... TONS of them! But the problem is that I can NEVER figure out a great way to store them!

See??? Not the most organized way to store headbands around I am sure!

Then one day when I was in our local office supply store I saw these and my brain started thinking...

That seems like a much more organized way to contain headbands, and it would free up so much coveted shelf space in my bathroom!

So I picked up two to play around with and this is what I came up with....

So much neater and simpler to grab one out of too. I am thinking they might need a little white washing to finish off properly, but for now, SO MUCH BETTER!

And I got the shelf over the toilet back for cathing supplies too!

What a win win solution!

What creative storage ideas do you use in your home?


Anonymous said...

cute! looks great!

Jamie said...

Good thinking!