Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Princess Update!

I CAN NOT thank you all enough for your prayers!!!

This little Princess seems to be doing MUCH better today!

She has gone 24 hours without throwing up.

The "other gross stuff" is decreased, although not gone yet.

And her attitude is MUCH improved!

And best news of all.... she got better WITHOUT the IV intervention!!!!

So, from the bottom of our hearts,


And for those of you who are not on Facebook with me, here are some of the funnies from the last 24 hours.

Heard around our house last night:
(*insert whiny voice here*) "This is WAY harder than I think it is to be this sick."
(*insert full blown drama, attitude and some foot stomping here*) "Can this just be OVER yet"
 and finally
(*with tears running down her face and the most miserable voice ever*) "Clear liquids are SO BORING!"

In the name of getting Audrey to drink her boring clear fluids we came up with a new game:

We have a new drinking game in our house... fun for the whole family! Every time a cell phone makes a noise (text, call or email) Audrey has to drink! This is VERY effective in getting Pedialite down her when the teenager is in the house!! I LOVE IT, even though Bri's phone usually makes me CRAZY since it NEVER stops!!! I wonder if it would make for an excused absence for the teenager tomorrow to keep her home so her phone keeps Audrey busy drinking??

Thank you for caring so about us!
May your have a blessed day!