Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adaptive Paddling Day 2

Day 2 of Adaptive Paddling

On this day the group was going out on the back bay to paddle in the ocean!

We met at the launch ramp bright and early to get the group together.

At first it was a bit hard for  Nathaniel, as he had to wait patiently for his friends to get launched, but he did good!

There were kayaks to get ready.

And some participants took a village to get ready.
But that smile as he headed in?
That made it TOTALLY worth it!

Others had been doing this for years and were great at at!

Finally (in Nathaniel's mind) it was his turn!!!

The launch!

Oh man... look at that BIG boy....

 it's official...
I take too many pictures...
 so get over it already :)

And they are off.....

Notice anything here????
The boy is in the bay kayaking and momma is standing on dry land!!!!
Yes, I let him go with the volunteers!
It was a bit hard
I am totally used to being RIGHT there with him, but all went well.

They went for awhile down the bay.

But the weather was a bit tricky, so they turned back early.

Not that I mind, I think it says a great deal about their commitment to the participants. The instructors prepared all term for this, only to have bad weather the actual weekend. But they were more concerned about safety, which is awesome!

Here is Nathaniel racing Dr. Taylor again...
It was so cute how everyone indulged his desire to race!

All too soon the adventure was over and it was time to pull the kayaks out.

And get everyone settled on dry land.

This was a GREAT experience and I am looking forward to hearing when they offer it again so Nathaniel can do it again! (And they DID invite him back, so I guess he wasn't TOO much of a handful!)

This was Nathaniel and his THREE Instructors...
He loved them all and had a BLAST!

Thank you to the Cal Poly Adaptive Paddling Program!!!