Friday, July 26, 2013

Beach Magic

If you know us at all, you KNOW we LOVE the beach. It is part of the fiber of who our family is. Also, you probably know about out "other" family... our Project Surf Camp family, which is also part of the fiber of who we are.
With Nathaniel's recent health struggles and surgery I was very worried that we wouldn't get to experience the magic of Project Surf Camp this summer, and my heart was breaking over that. I think Nathaniel's was too, as it was ALL he talked about while in Rehab. You can't possible imagine the excitement and relief I felt when Dr. Sun told us he was released to surf. I actually did cry tears of relief and joy. Our family was able to join PSC for the opening day of surf camps season this year, yet I have been remiss in blogging it because the emotions were just too raw. I am going to take a stab at it today, and hope the tears stay where they belong!
To us, Project Surf Camp is:
Family that welcomes us home with open arms and love in their hearts.
Accessibility to one of God's greatest gifts for ALL!
A chance for siblings so differently abled to do something magical together.
It's a time for personal victories.
And a time to share the blessings with treasured friends.
To me personally, this day was
About contagious JOY! From a boy who had MAJOR, life altering spinal surgery just 38 days before this!

It was about personal victories and finding out that no matter how changed his body is, he can still fight back and be victorious!

It was about our family finding normal again.

And it was about PRAISING the Lord for His GREATNESS!
On this special day at Project Surf Camp, I hung up my hat as Board of Directors member, I didn't even take many pictures (and if you know me then you KNOW that is a miracle),
 I just BASKED in His glory.
I let Him wash all around me as I prayed and worshiped Him for His GREATNESS.
I wept tears unending.
And I TOTALLY enjoyed the precious gift of my children SURFING TOGETHER!
If you wonder why we say that Project Surf Camp CHANGES LIVES, this is just one small story of the HUGE greatness this camp does.
If you want to experience TRUE magic, and God's blessing, let me know, I would LOVE to take you down to the beach with us, get you hooked up to volunteer.... I GUARANTEE you will walk away a changed person.
I am excited to say, we are heading down to the beach today... and I can't tell you how much my heart needs a little magic today!
I also want to mention a quick THANK YOU to Breann Hollon of Breann Hollon Photography for the AMAZING images of this special day that she captured. My dear, sweet friend volunteers her time and talent to come out and take fabulous pictures that she provides to PSC families free of cost. What a sweetheart! But she also does great work here locally too, so if you need so fabulous photographs, make sure you look her up!