Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Peach's Neet Feet

A while ago another Spina Bifida mom was talking about these super cool shoes her little guy go from a group called Peach's Neet Feet. Mr. K had been through SO MUCH with his SB, and I thought it was really cool that some one would make him special shoes. But I didn't really think of it for Nathaniel, because at that time he was fairly stable.  When we began this current journey with his spinal surgery, I was contacted by someone associated with the group and asked if I would like to apply for shoes for Nathaniel. I thought it might give him something cool to work with on his journey back to heal so I went for it.
Through a series of issues the shoes seemed to be something that would never actual transpire. I really though it would be cool to give them to him around his birthday, but God had other plans. In His perfect way, they showed up late last night. So Nathaniel got them this morning, his last day here on Rehab and his GOING HOME day!
He was REALLY excited to get his special treat....
I gave him the shoes one at a time so he could really appreciate the uniqueness that is in each design.

And he was so EXCITED each time he turned the shoe and saw something new.

When I was filling the paper work out for the shoes I was REALLY concerned about the size and style because in the past the ONLY thing that fit were the Converse Easy Ons. So you can imagine my absolute delight when the shoes fit PERFECTLY over his new braces!
So when we applied there was a form that we filled out asking all kinds of questions about what Nathaniel likes and this is what the fabulous artist did from Nathaniel's information:
My little sports man... he loves sports of ALL kinds so here is a jumble of balls.
And of course... my little man LOVES to surf, so here is a fabulous collection of surf boards!

Nathaniel's journey is Spina Bifida, so here is his SB awareness ribbon.

We always rest in the Lord, and Nathaniel's favorite football team is the Baltimore Ravens, so the toes of his shoes represent that.

And of course... His name, in his favorite color!
I am amazed by these AWESOME shoes!!
And Nathaniel is already ROCKING them at his final therapy sessions today!
If you are interested in finding our more about this AMAZING organization, go check them out on Facebook:
To all who helped make this unique and special gift happen!