Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mommy Escapes

Sunday is a day of rest around here. No therapy, no appointments, no real schedule to keep.

So we had a REALLY hard day on Sunday.
We blew bubbles....

And played board games in the sunshine.

And looked at the sky while singing praise and worship songs REALLY loud.
(Yes we got some funny looks for this one)

And we even played a ton of football even though it was BLAZING hot!
Monday was back to normal... kinda.
Nathaniel had a busy day of therapy ....
And momma got mommy napped!
Mena, one of the ladies from the Black Sheep that visited us a few weeks ago came up and took me out for a while.
She took me to Jack London Square, where I have never been before. I was a bit apprehensive that is would be filled with people, but honestly it was totally abandoned which was totally fine with me!

We walked all around and checked out the cool art work everywhere.
I really loved this mural and the heading on it:
"Peace Making, the Power of Non-Violence

And this section of tiles spoke to my heart too. It was really fun to see the great artwork on display in a town like this.
After we walked around for a long time we had some lunch and wonderful fellowship. It was really nice to get out for a while and hang with an adult! I am so thankful that Mena took time out of her life to come up here and hang with me for a few hours. After all, I am just some sister in Christ that she has met one other time. But God was with us the whole time and we had some wonderful fellowship!
And so Monday ends....
And we have NINE MORE DAYS!!
Nope, we aren't counting down or anything!