Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Counting DOWN!!!

We have been counting days for quiet some time, but now we are OFFICIALLY counting DOWN to GO HOME TIME!!!
Can you tell I am a little bit excited???
But we got one step closer to going home today. I was given our first two weeks of therapy appointments for home!!  I mean, if they want us to keep the appointments that they made at home, then they have to LET us go HOME, right? That is my story and I am sticking to it.
This boy is getting TIRED of hanging here. But he is still working SO HARD on all of his therapy and strengthening. Don't let that face fool you either...he had just finished TORTURING his momma with tickles and what not. The picture was to distract him from tickling me more!!

While Nathaniel worked hard at therapy today my dear friend Tammy came up to kidnap me! Seriously. I got the "one hour till you are being KIDNAPPED" text to prove it. She took me up to Berkley and we walked around the OCEAN for about an hour. It smelled like an ocean, and the wind was divine, and there were ocean like critters and what not... but that water just looks WRONG and there were WAY too many industrial things in the wonderful ocean. But it was so nice to be near the ocean. Filled my soul back up.
After our walk we found a funky swanky place to eat. The food was wonderful, but I was laughing at
the contradiction in the surrounding. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and fun and yummy food.  And then, Tammy treated me like a princess! We found a place to get my hair cut!!! I was SO SICK of the nappy way my hair was, but I hadn't had time to deal with it before we came up, and it just didn't seem important before, but today, it was just on my heart to do it.

So momma got a cute new do and is feeling a little better about herself.
Tammy and family also got Nathaniel a present. She didn't get to see him, as he was in therapy the whole time she was here,  but she left his present. He was totally excited with it when he opened it later! And I am sad to say, he beat me at Mexican Train Dominos. I don't seem to be able to win any board games this trip!

Another exciting thing happened in the late afternoon. A player from the Chicogo Bears walked into Nathaniel's room with a box, a story, a prayer and a gift. It was way cool!
Kyle was his name (I am pretty sure) and he had a box in his hand. He shared a story about his "little friend" Jessie Joy Rees who battled cancer, and yet through her journey wanted to bring joy to other children who were suffering. So she and her family came up with the idea of Joy Jars. Inside the box was a jar full of goodies for each child here. After Kyle shared his story he asked if he could pray over Nathaniel and then gave Nat his gift. It was a short but touching visit.
So this is Nathaniel with his Joy Jar. It is very touching how many special things the hospital has for the kids here!
we are another day closer to HOME and we couldn't be more excited!
Please pray with us that everything stays on tract and we get to actually GO home on the 10th!