Saturday, July 6, 2013

Getting there....

The final days of this journey are getting incredibly hard, but we are trying to hang tough. We know that we will be home in a matter of days... I pray! No set backs, I really can't handle a set back right now!
On the 4th of July we had a special visit from some really sweet, friends of the heart that we don't get to see very often. April is an amazing girl that I just connect with at a heart level who happens to have a Spina Bifda Rock Star like I do! Blake is 11 and he and Nat are buds. We don't get the opportunity to see each other often, but when we do it is always a sweet time! April, her dear hubby Dave, Blake and their littlest guy came to see us on Thursday!
These two boys are AMAZING at what they endure on their journeys and yet remain so pure in their spirits. God continues to do amazing works in these boys!
The boys played football with Dave while April and I got to talk. It was so wonderful to see these dear precious friends.
The rest of the 4th was a roller coaster that I don't care to rehash. I can just say, please pray for the next few days until I can get home. This journey is taking it's toll on all of us. Thankfully it ended well with Nathaniel and I curled up in the window watching the fireworks all over the Bay Area. It wasn't our normal 4th of July, but at least it was something!
So, also in the last few days we have got all the dressings off of Nathaniel's back, and I thought we would show you the journey he has been on for the last 5 weeks.
These pictures were taken the night before surgery, June 4, 2013 These are the scars that Nathaniel had from his first closure done before he was born.
This was taken on June 15th, 10 days out from surgery.
Dr. Sun had told me that he would have to cut as high us as Nathaniel's shoulder blades, so I was THRILLED to see how small of a cut was actually made. I guess it is all relative.
This picture was a few days later on 6/20/2013, I am amazed how quickly Nathaniel was healing.
This was taken on the 4th....
All the dressings off, all the sterie strips gone, and most of the stitched dissolved. I am THRILLED with the healing. and I am actually really thrilled with how relaxed the whole scars looks. I think it is actually going to heal better than his first closures! AND the side scars that were pulling so badly have relaxed some too in the process. God is amazing.
We ran into Dr. Sun while we were outside playing the other day and he gave Nathaniel and I some AWESOME news.....
Drum roll please......
Dr. Sun cleared Nathaniel to SURF starting next week!!!!!
We will make the opening day of PSC!!!
God is AMAZING!!!!!!!
Thank you all for standing with us in prayer!


{april kennedy} said...

I'm sorry the rest of your 4th was rough. But so happy you were able to watch fireworks from your window seat/bed!

We loved our visit with you guys. Always do when we get the chance to see you. Nat's scare looks so good. I think it does look better than his first scar. Nice job Dr. Sun. And...God is so good.