Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ballerina Party Time

So Audrey turned six last week... I might have mentioned that a time or few since I am so astounded by the fact that my "baby" is 6 already... and we had a "Ballerina Party" for her. This was Audrey's choice, and it was pretty fitting beings as much as Audrey loves to dance! So I thought it might be fun to show you how much fun we had :)
So any of you who know Faline and I know that we *LOVE* to decorate cakes! So this was our creation for Audrey's party. I was actually somewhat of a record for us... the cake was done, decorated and we were in bed by 10 pm! Amazing really.

And here is the Birthday Ballerina, Audrey. She had so much fun!

Princess Audrey holding court while opening her presents!

Brianna & Audrey, deep in negotiations about something...

Audrey and her cousin DJ, having a good time during dance class

Josie taught a ballet class for Audrey and all of her friends. Fun was had by all, the kids enjoyed the class and the adults enjoyed watching them all! It is really great having one that has been in dance classes for over 7 years, I saved a bundle not having to "hire" a teacher for this... just make the teenager (almost) do it!

Ballerina Audrey again!

Such serious little Ballerinas!
I think the most fun was watching Josie teach Hip Hop in her tutu! One of Audrey's cousins didn't want to do ballet, but really wanted to do Hip Hop so we convinced Josie to show off some of her newest moves, in a tutu no less!

Don't you just love the outfit that Faline and I created for Audrey?
We had so much fun making that tutu for her after I bought her the leotard. It was great adding color after color until we had just the right blend to match her leo!

Over all it was a really fun party, and so easy on me too! I loved setting up the studio and having the party there... so much better than dealing with getting the house clean enough for a party, only to have it destroyed during the party and have to deal with aftermath! I just cleaned the studio back up and went home to a perfect house! Just the way I left it. I like parties were the kids are entertained and don't get into too much trouble and this really fit that bill. And The extra great bonus? My kids were all so tired afterwards that we went home and had such a mellow evening! That was great for ms since we had the party on my only day of the week off and I wanted some down time!
Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as we enjoyed the party!