Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Funny things you might hear in our house...

So today has been a great day! And the kids have kept me in fits of giggles these last few days so I thought I would share some with you!
The other evening I was getting ready to go to a memorial service for a dear friend. It had been a long day, and I was running like crazy after work to get ready and get there on time. (yes, if you know me, then you know I am always running late!) I was running around the house trying to get the kids settled and trying to get dressed at the same time. Bri & Jo were being a HUGE help with the little kids.
At one point I walked into the living room in my black slacks, black boots and a bra. Josie looks at me and says "Do you know what shirt you are wearing?" I would like to think that she was trying to helpful and wanted to go get it for me.... (dream on I know...)
So, Brianna, dear child that she is, looks at me and says "It doesn't matter, she can close her eyes and reach into her closet and end up with a black shirt."
Hmmm..... Thanks! NOT!!!
I am not sure if this is a statement on my consistency... or a slam on the lack of creativity in my wardrobe!
A little background for this one.... with 4 kids around all the time we tend to hear "I want" a great deal from them... whenever they are driving me crazy with the "I wants" I tell them, "That's nice... I want world peace and a million dollars, then you can have what you want". This usually shuts them up since they know they can't get me those two things... and that is the point of me saying it!
So the other morning Nat, Audrey and I were trying to get ourselves together to go on an outing. Nathaniel was having a difficult morning and only wanted to watch a movie. Being as it was my only day off I really wanted to do something fun (like puddle stomping... see below).
I kept saying to Nathaniel, "I know you want to watch a movie, but what does Mommy want you to do?" Obviously I repeated this a little too often because a little while latter Audrey pops off with... "Nathaniel, don't you know that Mommy wants world peace and a million dollars, then you can watch your movie?"
Seriously? I only wanted him to pick up one pile of toys and get dressed! But I guess she is programed well...
Another Audrey....
First, for this one to make sense you have to understand that my daughter has a thing against wearing her panties....Don't know where she got that from, but it's a constant battle with her...
So yesterday I go to do a pantie check (yes, I have to check daily to make sure she has them on) and I notice that she has on three pairs.... WHAT the heck? So silly me asks her' "Audrey, why do you have three pairs of panties on?"
Her answer was, "If I wear three pairs today then I don't have to wear any for the next 3 days!" And the scary thing... in her little mind she believed it!
Nat is not crazy about waking up in the mornings..... So yesterday was late start Monday (in our school district Mondays start an hour latter than any other day of the week... stupid I know, but it's what we have to deal with) I went in to wake him up.
"Nathaniel, time to get up honey."
"Not yet mom."
"Yes, it's time for school."
"No, it's late start Monday..."
"Yes, I know. I already let you sleep in... Time to get up now."
"Well since it's already late and I am not ready to get up can't we just make it LATTER start Monday??"
????? Like 930 am isn't late enough? But how do you fight with that logic???
Ahhh.... the joys of children! What would we do without them???


The Clan Piccini said...

Um, you do wear a lot of black :o) hehe

And I love Audrey's panty logic, makes sense to me :o)

And Nat is brilliant! I agree, if you're already late, what difference does a little later make? :o)