Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How is she old enough already??

So what I want to know is HOW IS SHE OLD ENOUGH ALREADY??!!
Seriously... It seems like she was just a little kid yesterday, and today she is old enough to have a boyfriend and be going to formals at school?? NO WAY! But, alas, it's true.... Brianna has her first boyfriend.. And this past weekend she went to her first formal dance at school. So bitter sweet really.. but she is growing up!
We did get to have fun helping her get ready... after all that is the best part of having girls, dressing them up all pretty!

Here they are getting ready to leave... Brianna and Andrew.
I even got to pick her dress and alter it for her! Lucky Aunta :)
Some day we Bri will learn to be natural and take pretty pictures...

And the group of friends she went with. Oh how they try to seem so grown up... but we know the truth!

And Andrew has good taste in flowers... her corsage was very pretty!

So much fun....



{april kennedy} said...


I couldn't agree with you more about needing to remind ourselves just how super we are! Nice job on being a super mom and a super sewer! I, too, find much happiness and joy from my sewing machine. And I just spent a few minutes perusing your blog and like it! Great name for your boutique. Thank you for being a faithful commenter! I just love the opportunity that the internet has offered to us moms. We are now inspired by other mothers all over the world! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.