Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introductions ... Step 3

Introductions... Step 3...
This is Audrey! Audrey is my youngest daughter. She is 6 years old (however that happened!) She has MANY personalities and you are about to meet all of them..
The Princess.....
Audrey is all around princess right now. She loves anything girly, frilly and fun. She is completely into everything ballet too. She *loves* her dance class at Central Coast Dance (check it out here if you are local!!) and is becoming quiet the little dancer. The above photo is one we had done in Nov 2008 as a promotional photo for Butterfly Boutique. We make the tutus (order from our etsy site if you are interested) and one of our local suppliers makes the great crowns she is wearing! Audrey loves to refer to herself as Princess Audrey, but doesn't like ti if you call her Princess Sassy Pants, which I think is much more fitting at times!
The Cutie Pie.....

Audrey can be especially sweet, and very empathetic! She cracks me up sometimes at how incredibly sweet she is. Are your kids into High School Musical like mine are? Well, if they are then you will know the part of the movies in the second one where Gabriella leaves to follow her own heart? EVERY TIME that scene comes on, even if it's the third time in one day, Audrey cries! It's almost comical! When I ask her why she's crying she always tells me, "Because I FEEL her pain, we have the same name you know?" (Audrey's middle name is Gabriella)
The Sweetheart...

Audrey is my sweetest child. My heart just melts when she is in her sweet mood. My favorite "sweet thing" about her right now is my nightly love song. Every night, before she goes to bed, Audrey sings me a love song. It is so sweet.... it varies a little from night to night, but it always follows along these lines....
"I love my Queen Mommy,
I love my Queen Mommy so much,
My Queen Mommy is the Sweetest Mommy ever..."
ahhh... to melt a mommy's heart! And of course I answer her,
"And I love my Princess Audrey"
Or the Diva....

Of all of Audrey's personalities, I think the DIVA is the most fitting on a regular basis! We love to say that she is 6 going on 16! Audrey spends most of her days with her cousins, Brianna (14) and Josie (12), so she is constantly picking up on teenager behaviors. Ugh! Such fun. While she is the youngest and loves to be sweet, she also has the sassiest way ever about her, second only to Josie! (I love you too Jo Jo Bear :) )
And that is Audrey in a nut shell!
Stay tuned for the last two introductions to come, very soon! (As soon as I price 100 items for the sales floor! After all Blogging is my reward for crossing things off of my To Do List today! And I want to get the Introductions done so I can post the pics from Audrey's Birthday party this weekend!!)


The Clan Piccini said...

I love that last picture of her!

I was watching a video clip on another blog and the blogger's daughter reminded me so much of Audrey! :o)

Miss you guys!!!