Thursday, February 12, 2009

Final Introduction!!!!

Did you think this would ever end???? Well I thought I was done with the last one.. but Nathaniel informed me that I have to introduce the Butterfly Family :)

So here is the Butterfly Family, the people that you could find at Butterfly Boutique on any given day. This is also the *family* that my children consider their "normal" family. These four cousins are closer than most siblings and spend their days together as most siblings would. So from top left around are: Faline (my sister in law, and co-owner of Butterfly Boutique, Josie (Faline's 12 year old daughter), Brianna (Faline's 14 year old daughter), myself, Nathaniel and Audrey!
Make sure to say "hi" to us when you stop in at Butterfly Boutique!!