Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introductions... Step 2

Have you missed me??? I have WANTED to post, but the internet is down at the house for some random reason that I have yet to figure out, the kiddos have been sick and life has been CRAZY.... but I am back now :)
Yes.... this picture is OLD.. but he somehow manages to escape the camera...

Introductions Step 2... The husband!

My husband of the past eleven and a half years (where the heck does time go???) is Mark. He can be a very endearing and caring man. He loves his children greatly... especially curled up in the chair watching a movie with them, or off on an adventure to the library with them. In his world of work Mark is a GREAT care provider to the elderly, and works to enable the mature people in our community to remain at home in their final years and days, not at some institutional care faciclty. He has been doing this work for almost 20 years, and loves it.

Mark battles his own demons daily, but we are constanly working to put that behind us and move foward raising our children in a Godly home :)