Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Introductions... Step 1

So I am thinking that introductions would be good right? I mean you might want to know a little something about the ones you will be reading about here, am I right?

Step 1... Introducing Myself! (I mean where better to start right??)

I am Gretchen (like you haven't figured that one out??).

I am currently a 34 year old woman who wears MANY hats in a given day.
My favorite role (and probably most challenging) is that of Mommy to 3 wonderful angels (in my dreams anyways). There is my angel daughter, Taylor, who would be 10 years old right now. Her story is one for another day. Then comes my special prince, Nathaniel, who is 8 1/2. And finally my littlest princess, Audrey, who will be 6 tomorrow!!!
(how in the heck is THAT possible???)

Nathaniel, myself & Audrey
Nov. 2008

I am married, and have been for the past 10 years, to Mark. And we all live in wonderful Los Osos, CA.
In addition to playing mommy I own my own business, Butterfly Boutique. Well, that is I share 50% ownership, my sister-in-law-, Faline, owns the other 50%. We are so thrilled to be living out our dreams, even if it means we are crazy most of the time! We also feel fufilled to be helping others in our community with our business and contributing in a possitive way to our environment! Recycling is always great, so why not make a life out of it, right? You can find out more about Butterfly Boutique here!
In my spare time (or my dreams of spare time anyways) I enjoy Scrapbooking, sewing and just plain being creative. I also love to read, do volunteer work and enjoy lazy time with my kiddos.
I feel blessed to be raising my family on the beautiful Central Coast, and to have ready access to fabulous medical care and facilities. I try and always remind myself that no matter how down things seem, we truely are blessed beyond words in this country and here where we live!


The Clan Piccini said...

You, lazy? When do you have lazy times with the kids? LOL

The Clan Piccini said...

And since its the 5th...