Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little Girls....

Why MUST little girls do things to make their mommies CRAZY????

It has been an awful day. Now I am not one to bemoan bad days too much... what's the good. But it's been one of those days that it has taken ALL of my power not to sit down on the floor and BAWL my eyes out every time I turned around!!! You know the kind... the ones that you know you shouldn't bother with the second you step foot out of bed in the morning, but go ahead with because there's no hiding from it? Yea... that is the kind of day that I have had!

So I have ALMOST made it through the day.... and so far the only one who knows about the tears is me. Success to me, you know wearing the mask, looking like you are surviving... I made it home from work and am unloading the groceries from my car. I am trying to get everything sorted and put away while there is still light out, so the kids can be outside shooting hoops while I am getting this chore done..That is when my Darling Daughter decided to do it...
She decided that she needed a haircut... By herself..... Using finger nail clippers to cut it!
UGHH!!!! Notice the CHUNK missing off of the side, and the creative bang style?
Yea... me too :(
Of course to truly understand HOW frustrated I am, you have to know that Audrey is a dancer. Every time I turn around the dance teacher is asking for her hair to be up in a bun... ALL of her hair, bangs included. So Audrey and I struck a deal... I would keep paying her dance tuition if she agreed to grow her bangs out. It's a daily thing in our house.
"My bangs are too long."
"Remember, we are growing them out for dance?"
AND just this week they had gotten long enough to clip back out of her face and look pretty cute. If only she would leave the clip in....
So I guess she decided to take matters in her own hands tonight, and clip clip clip
went her hair.
Being the type of mom that I am, I couldn't deal with leaving it for a few days... so out came the HAIRCUTTING scissors... and....

This is the new do that mommy created out of what she left...

It's a good thing she *loves* it... I might have strangled her if she dared to say she didn't like it!!

But this mommy IS going to miss those long curls...
*sniff, sniff*