Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog blog blog

Brianna says I have to blog,.... she is such a BRAT!!!!!
So here... BRAT child!
Check out what we did last night....

k... so if you haven't been into Butterfly Boutique you might not realize that THIS is my shop.. Butterfly Boutique, and we rearranged ALL of the furniture, fixtures, etc in it last night!

From the front door...

from the back door....

Toys & shoes....

Infant Boys and more toys.. and hats and fitting room too :)

Hip N Funks & Squeaky Shoes!


This is the corner that we didn't get too.... it's still a MESS!!!

Yup.. still a few piles to deal with ..
What did you do fun last night??
OHHH YEA... and it's ALL BRIANNA'S FAULT that we moved everything too :)