Sunday, August 30, 2009

SLOCM Business Expo @ the Plaza

So yesterday was the San Luis Obispo County Mommies Business Expo at Mission Plaza. We were hopeful for a very successful event and meeting lots of new customers. The booth set up wonderfully, even though I had thought that we were a little light on merchandise going into the event. As it turned out the booth looked great, and we had more than enough since it was WAY TOO HOT for the customers to be out. You just never know when you plan these shows. You never know what Mother Nature will bring in the way of weather. And in this economy, you never know where the dimes will fall.

Isn't it cute and colorful? I thought so.... course I could be a bit biased...

The highlight of my day ended up being the kids dancing. They are just so darned cute, how could that not be a high point?? Thankfully they were on early before it got REALLY HOT. So they did well.

This is fro Happy Feet, a dance Audrey has been performing for a little while. It's really cute and she knows it really well. This time the other little girl who is usually in this group did not come to the performance so Audrey was up there all alone with the boys... she looks so small this way!

But she still had so much fun!

And it's amazing when she can keep up with those big boys!!

Aren't she just so cute?? Sparkle girl...

This is one of Josie's groups. This was the first time that they performed this dance. It's to the song Traveling Soldier, and was choreographed by Marci (the tall one on the right of the photo). It was a very beautiful lyrical number and Marci did a great job on it! I actually don't have many photos of this one because I videoed it for you...but the video quality was really poor so I will have to do it again next time. But I think you will love it! It's a great dance!

And here is the other one of Josie's groups Shakin' their Tail Feathers! This is a fun dance that they do!

Isn't she just getting SO BIG???? I can't believe how grown up she is!

Boogie down girls!

And final bow, for all of those who journeyed out into the heat to perform. It seems like the studio is getting smaller and smaller. I am sure it is a sign of the economic times, but it is so unfortunate! I hope that we get a few more dancers soon so that the studio will stay open!

Overall, it was a very disappointing day. The weather was too hot, not many people journeyed down town. Those that were there were NOT spending money. And with the heat I got VERY SICK. I had a horrible heat triggered migraine that knocked me out for the rest of the day, had me sicker than sick, and has me kind of out of it still today. I am not sure that it was worth it at all, but I do know that somehow, the Lord will make good out of ALL situations. SO it will be interesting to see the good in this one....

On the up side there are lots of great treasures currently at the store, and even more to go on the Etsy site very soon! And I am looking forward to making GREAT Halloween costumes very soon... I have so many beautiful ideas in my mind to create. It should be tons of fun!