Friday, August 14, 2009

Need A Laugh???

Today we went to project surf camp again...

It was SO COOL!! And even better than last week since ALL FOUR kids TOTALLY got into it...
And of course I have my new camera to play with... so I took a FEW pictures..
(ok, in the interest of total disclosure.. when I said a few there... I meant a few HUNDRED..)
SO, it will take me a while to edit them all....and do a "real" project surf camp post!


Faline and I are rolling on the floor laughing at some of these shots..

so we just HAD to share today's FUNNY MOMENTS!!

Got to love that butt shot.... doesn't it look like a sad face on her back side??

And since WHEN does Audrey do the tongue thing?? I thought that was all Nat....

the thought behind this one...

"so are you gonna sit on your rear side (because we TRY not to say the A&* words) and watch or are you going to GET UP and HELP me send my brother back out there?"

"give me a break! WHAT was I thinking let Nat be in the driver's seat here?"

"oh man, WHERE are we going now? I can't see a darned thing!"

"AHHHHHHH... he's going to crash us!!!"

Audrey played FOREVER pulling a board around with the leash... you would have thought she had a dog on that leash! It was so funny..... and even better.. she was TALKING to the surf board too while she pulled it around!

"come on, we ARE going THIS way now!"

Surfboard War!!

Can you see the full blown tug a war going on between Josie and Audrey??

I like Nathaniel's face...... I am not sure what Amelia told him that brought THAT face on.... probably that the break was NOT over yet!

another butt shot...

those girls were sure into showing me their "best side" today....

WHAT THE HECK Josie?????

WHAT is that FACE???

Sure Brianna.... no problem... I would NEVER post a picture of you 3/4 naked in your sister's dance clothes on the blog... no, not me, never.....


Next time BRING YOUR SWIM SUIT girlie!

Goofy teenager......

the ones who were SO CERTAIN that they were only WATCHING that they REFUSED to bring their swim suits with us...

Ok... then there is THIS video of Josie....

make sure you have had your bathroom break, otherwise it may be dangerous to play the video!

Josie had Faline and I CRACKING UP in this one!

The best part of this was that RIGHT AFTER I stopped recording, Josie mumbled under her breathe "sure glad no one could see THAT"

No problemo Josie....

Sure glad my new camera records video clips too :)

Love you Josie!!!

Now are you smiling? Well you SHOULD BE!!

So I am off to the valley for funerals this weekend. It's been a rough week! So when I get back on Sunday or Monday I will get the REAL pictures of Project Surf Camp edited and posted!



The Clan Piccini said...

Your girls iz gonna kill you! :o) In the beginning of the video clip, I would have sworn that was Faline! Faline has a 'mini' me in Jo... except Jo is NOT mini! LOL

Everyone is getting so big, so beautiful and handsome... miss you guys!