Sunday, August 16, 2009

It has been a super busy weekend... but I FINALLY got the pictures of Project Surf Camp from Friday finished!!! You ready for this one??
My little surfing crew... we made it a family day!
Beware.. there are SO ANY great shots I have NO IDEA how I am going to pick just a few for here... so this might be picture overload... sorry!

Friday August 14th's camp.... a little smaller than the last group, but still JUST as fun!
For those of you who didn't see THIS post, let me tell you about Project Surf Camp. This is an AMAZING organization that puts on half day surf camps for disabled people. I can NOT say enough great things about this group. They are my new heroes!! And it takes a lot to impress me these days too. If you love people, love God OR love surfing I would encourage you to check them out!! And if you are the parent of a child with special needs.... this is a MUST do for next summer!
You can get to their web page by clicking on the Project Surf Camp banner at the top of this post. Yup, that is me being helpful! :)
My beautiful Morro Bay, CA...
I can NEVER get enough of this view.. I love it!!

The hardest part for Nathaniel is helping carry his gear to the beach. I have to say that so many people I have dealt with would just DO THIS for the campers, saying it hard so we won't make them do it. I *LOVE* that these guys make the capers carry their own gear!! Seriously, the things that are truly worth while in life take hard work sometimes! And the campers ARE capable, why undermine their confidence by doing it for them! What a great life lesson in a simple tasks!

At first the only thing Audrey was interested in was building sand castles....the other girls, aka Brianna & Josie, were INSISTENT that they were not getting near the water, they were only watching Nathaniel....

and he is so darned cute to watch too!! It just takes my breathe away seeing him do this!

See that look of sheer joy? That makes this mommy's heart sing!!
Thank you Project Surf Camp and the wonderful people behind it for this gift!

He even got up on his knees a few times this week!! How cool hu?

Here's my other cutie patootie... isn't she grand?

Ahhhh... I am GOING he says!!

And wait a minute.... I thought she was building sand castles???
Yea... they got her on the board too! Isn't it cute??
She was so excited!!

Cute girls hu? I ADORE Amelia!! That girl is great.. and she blew my mind when she told me that she is the same age as my Bri!! Crazy!

Speaking of my Bri... here she is with Audrey.. Can you see her thinking "hey, that looks fun!"?

Nat came up with a new game (well new for him anyways) He called it wave racing. He loved it!!

Audrey is at it again.... once she was introduced we had a hard time keeping her off the board!

Here Nat & Audrey are wave racing... too cute!

And they both tried standing together too :)

Opps.... a little wipe out! But we keep telling Nathaniel that wipe outs are part of surfing! All great surfers wipe out sometimes!

Remember I told you that Bri & Josie were JUST GOING TO WATCH????

This is an interesting form of watching Josie....

Some serious conversation during a water break :)

Now look who's JUST WATCHING.... Bri AND Josie are both on the boards now!!
Silly Girls!

And he's back at it too!

And her too!! ??
I think I have a new addiction for all four of the kids!!

Looks who's going backwards now!

Ahhhh.. this girl is just TOO CUTE! She makes her mommy's heart sing too!! :)

Ohhh La La! Look at Brianna! She made it up onto her knees!!

Kaleb helping Audrey...
MANY apologies for spelling it wrong last time Kaleb!!

I don't know for sure... but if I were a betting person, I would bet that faces like this is why the WONDERFUL volunteers at Project Surf Camp give so much!

Of course she looks like she is having fun too!

My little surfer dude!
Once again we were blessed beyond words by our day with the group fro Project Surf Camp!!
And if you are popping by from a link, leave some love in the comments section and let us know that you stopped by! We love hearing from our guests!!

PS... if you didn't get enough pictures, you can check out the whole albumn HERE


Deb McPherson said...

Gretchen, Thanks for posting the pictures. I had to show Michelle. She was so excited to be a helper that day that she has talked her Girl Scout Troop to come out next year. I can't wait to hit the waves next year. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful children with us. Tell Josie to keep dancing but try to stay out of the waves when practicing, it is so much easier that way.