Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer is OFFICIALLY OVER in my house!

I am so excited.... Summer is OFFICIALLY OVER in my house!
Yes.. I am one of THOSE moms that is happy to have the kids at school 6 hours a day so I can have a few minutes of peace. I really don't think that is a bad thing... it helps me maintain my sanity!!
So here is my big first grader, and my bigger (by a little bit) Fourth grader! HOW did they grow up so fast????

And here we are at school... aren't they just too cute?
(yes... I may be a bit biased!)
And YES, that was an Audrey creation on her outfit... my little fashion diva!

So they are off and running, and I FINALLY get a few minutes to sit down and blog...I feel like it has been SO LONG, but in truth it's been a week since my last post. I guess I should be a bit embarrassed that I MISS writing and blogging when I don't get to do it regularly... but I am not :)

It has been a really BUSY last few days of summer. I tried to cram way too much into it, but we managed. I am REALLY excited because I *think* that I have found a solution to the diaper dilemma!!! It has been SO HARD.. but I think this is it! I am going to try it for a full week at school before I say for sure.. but it looks promising, so I am so relieved!

On the Butterfly front, things have been really steady which is good. I am pleased with how well we are holding our own in this Topsy Turvey economic time! We are in our last two days of our Back to School Sale, and then we are getting ready for the BIG Chamber Mixer on Sept 9th, mark your calenders because you are ALL invited and we would *love* to see you! Then just a few short days latter on the 12th we will be having our HUGE Halloween Extravaganza!! This is always so much fun (and so much work so I better get moving on it hu?)!

Oh.. and I can't wait to show you the treasures I have been making, have found recently at garage sales and have been dreaming up in my mind!! There is so much I am just biting the bit to blog about... beware I feel a blog surge coming on!!

But for now, I have TOO much laundry to do at BB before my day gets too crazy, and I have a BUNCH of sewing to do for the show THIS Saturday (Ahhhh.. so soon???) So I best sign off and see you soon!



{april kennedy} said...

Ohhh...can't wait for the diaper dilemma solved idea! Blake is so almost out of size 6. And congrats on staying steady. It is a good ego boost and we mom's need that every once in awhile!