Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Can you believe it's Not Me Monday again so soon?? I can't! This weeks seem to be a big ole bluer!!

This week I did NOT make supper yummy Cream of Asparagus soup, only to have my children take one taste each and say "Oh gross, we do NOT like Cream of Asparagus soup!!" And even if it had gone down that way I would NEVER have gone back into the kitchen, banged the pots and pans around for awhile and then reserved them the SAME BOWLS of soup proclaiming, "Ok, mommy made you Asparagus Chowder this time." And they most definitely did not eat two whole bowls each, proclaiming to LOVE Asparagus Chowder.... yea, I so don't do things like that!!

My darling son, Nathaniel, did NOT wear shorts both days this weekend because mommy was so far behind on laundry that he didn't have any clean pants. Nope, not me! I know that a load a day keeps the laundry monster away, and I ALWAYS do my load a day... no matter how crappy the day has been! And, even if I skipped a load a day now and again I would NEVER have skipped it so many days in a row that there was a weeks worth of laundry piled up!! Nope, Not Me, NEVER!

This past week I did NOT have to pin down two screaming, tantruming children to get their H1N1 shots at school. No way, my children are angels when it comes to getting shots. And they would NEVER have made a scene like that in front of all of their friends. And I did not seriously think to myself "Do they REALLY need this shot, even though their doctor told me it was absolutely necessary?" No, I would never consider giving in to tantrums that way....

Oh, and for sure, my daughter did NOT tell the guy she was sitting next to in church that she needed a new daddy. And if for some unknown reason she had done that, she would NEVER have followed up with "And you look like a cute, fun, crazy dad and you go to church like a Christian, so will you move in with us?" Oh. My. Heck. My children KNOW better than embarrassing mommy like that!! Oh my, he may NEVER sit next to us again.....

And finally, we did NOT have a conversation that went like this in our house this week:
N: Mommy I need a goodnight snack.
Me: Ok Nat, what do you want?
N: A go cart.
Me: A go cart?
N: Yes.
Me: We don't eat go carts honey, we ride in them.
N: You don't know anything, of course we eat go carts.
Me: Well...... what exactly is a go cart??
N: Like a stringy yogurt.
Me: A stringy yogurt? You mean string cheese?
N: No Mom, I mean a GO CART.
Me: Ok, I give up. Show me.
N: (in the kitchen standing at the fridge pointing up) See mom, the red box. Go Cart. Can I have one please.
Me: OHHHHH... you mean GO GURT!!
N: No MOM. GO CART. Can I just eat it already?

Yea, such is my life!! What have you not been up to this week? Head on over to MckMama's and check out what everyone there hasn't been doing!! And have a great day! We will chat again soon :)



Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Woo hoo, your kids sound like a hoot!

My dad has always *hated* sour cream. Or so he says. My mom has been cooking with it for years, although he doesn't know it, and he eats it all. the. time. And loves it!

Mind over matter, right?