Sunday, November 8, 2009

May The Words Of My Mouth
by Tim Hughes

May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart
Bless Your name, bless Your name, Jesus
And the deeds of the day and the truth in my ways
Speak of You, speak of You, Jesus

For this is what I'm glad to do
It's time to live a life of love that pleases You
And I will give my all to You
Surrender everything I have and follow You
I'll follow You

Lord, will You be my vision, Lord, will You be my guide
Be my hope, be my light and the way
And I'll look not for riches, nor praises on earth
Only You'll be the first of my heart

I will follow
I will follow
I will follow
You know how sometimes, when you are walking through a certain season in your life, there is a song or a saying or something that speaks DIRECTLY to your heart? Well I am in a season, it's been a really long season, but it's changing. I feel the Lord changing my hear. I see the Lord revealing lies that I have believed to me. I see the new path that the Lord has before me. And it scares the HELL out of me. I am not one that says that often, but I am so scarred right now! But this song... this song the Lord keeps putting before me, on my heart and in my ears. And I LOVE IT! It is so perfect for this season!!
In this season I don't want my human and weak nature to control my actions, I ONLY want to do what the Lord wants me to. I only strive to act in a way that blesses the Lord, that pleases Him. My prayer is that in ALL THINGS, no matter how difficult, I will follow ONLY HIM.
I was blessed today that this song was included in the worships set at church. The words cut deep into my heart and refreshed me with a renewed strength to set my feet to the path that He has before me. Actually, I was totally blessed with the whole worship set today, which was a good thing because the kids were far to squirmy for me to hang out much beyond that. I also had a brief conversation with a dear friend of mine in which the Lord used him to reaffirm the path I am on. There is nothing like telling a friend something expecting one reaction and getting another one altogether! The Lord is so amazing!! I walked away from the house of the Lord with a renewed heart and spirit. Thank you Lord for that gift!