Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving fun!

Things are different this year, so it stands to reason that Thanksgiving would be different too. But I really enjoyed it!! The day was supper relaxing and simple, and I thought it was just about perfect! Faline and I got up SUPER and went to Butterfly to set Friday's sale so we wouldn't have to work the rest of the day. After that the kids and I headed to my parents for the day. Audrey and Nathaniel got to hang out with their uncle Grady, and it's been far too long since they got to hang together!
Uncle Grady, aka the Lego Uncle, and Audrey played on the floor building armies and staging battles for a long time. It was so sweet to see them together and hear her giggles!!!

Grady has always been the one to play with the kids, even Bri & Jo when they were little too, but Audrey has missed out on so much of that kind of time with him since he lives so far away now. This was really special to me to watch.

Speaking of Bri.....
I am not sure how this picture snuck it's way in here.. but it's too cute to delete!! Love those twirlers on her headband!!

Anyways... back to Thanksgiving..
In the past my kids have gotten bored with all the "big people talk" and watching TV, so I packed them up some of their favorite games to play. I know that Uncle G has a soft spot for boardgames, and thought it would be a fun way to spend some time! And it was!! We played Nathaniel's favorite board game, Disney Sorry. Nat the Great won that one :)

Then it was off to Uno. This was a great game for both of the little ones, and made for lots of giggles too!!

We played it over and over and over. But it was lots of fun!
To me, one of the most special things was how little yelling there was. I hate yelling. I hate having my children yelled at, especially when the person yelling is just taking their anger of not understanding the child out on the child. Yes, Nathaniel is special. Yes, he takes time to understand his little "things". And yes, Nathaniel gets way over stimulated with too much activity or too many people. But really.. he has no control over how God made him! Instead of yelling he needs taught how to behave in more socially acceptable ways and he needs grace and understanding. Only once really did Nat get yelled at for just being Nat, and that has to be some sort of record!! And I was really proud of Grady too, because when he had had enough of Nat, Grady just took a time out in the other room and came back in a better mood a little while latter. It was so much less stressful for me than usual!

And of course the day ended with a feast to beat all feasts! Yummy food, fun relaxing company and bonding time with children... what better way to spend Thanksgiving??

And we did have much to be thankful too. One BIG thing that I was thankful for was the food gifts that my children and I were given that week. One gift came from a dear customer, who I didn't realize is also a blog reader. She came by the shop with two huge boxes of produce and bread goods for us. What a surprise and blessing! And the other gift came from a great organization that has been helping me with my legal work, they gave our family a few bags of canned goods, boxed goods and a fresh turkey. How sweet hu?

The only downer was at the end of the day, when Nat and Audrey realized that their father was not keeping his word about seeing them that day. As we were getting ready for bed both of them suddenly remembered that daddy had "promised" that he would see them on Thanksgiving. (I had remembered earlier, but no matter how many times I called for a time of the visit I kept getting put off. Put off right up to bed time.) Both of them went into full melt down mode. Crying, tantruming, feeling sad and abandoned. It was awful, and it was so hard not to show them how mad I was at their father for causing this. It took me almost 2 hours to settle them down and get them to sleep, which was a bit much for me after I had gotten up so early to work that morning (they got to sleep in since Bri was at the house with them and we just let all of the kids sleep in). But in the end, I am the one that was blessed, because I got to share this wonderful day with my children and once they were asleep I got the sleep next to the sweetest children I know while their father did not. I wold choose the blessing of being with them, even when they are sad and hurt, over not being with them ANY DAY!
I hope that you and your family had a blessed day and many blessing to come :)


The Clan Piccini said...

Sounds like a pretty good day in all, you've got a pretty darn good family... esp. Grady... a lot of adults don't have time for kid games! Its like the Thanksgivings I used to have as a kid... no football involved :o)