Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh My Heck!!

It has been QUITE a day around here....

This morning I woke up SUPER EARLY to paint a bunch of tee shirts for a rush order that I took for this week. Then I got ready for work and was scheduled to leave at 715... that is when EVERYTHING fell apart! Faline came in to get my kids ready for school only to report that Brianna was home with super swollen glands and we were afraid she had strep throat. Josie was at school drugged up (on legal drugs of course) because she had broke a tooth last night and was in big time pain. And there was still Nathaniel and his funk to deal with... Oh and I got a great phone call from Mark.

Yea, Mark, that husband of mine that I am having VERY limited contact with these days called me with one of those interesting phone calls. "I have a problem" he says. Ummm yea, I am SO NOT touching that one I think to myself. It turns out he had a flat tire and he drove the tire right off of the rim of the car. Smart move, buddy boy, hu? But I was so nice about it. So Faline and I threw fixing the car and getting Mark to work into our crazy busy morning. (Yes, Faline and I both know how to change a tire, while Mark does not AND don't feel too sorry for us, there was a benefit for Faline and I too...). Needless to say THAT car is out of commission for a while until someone can afford to buy a new rim and tire for it....

Late last night we FINALLY figured out Nathaniel's funk (you know the one that got me THREE calls from his teacher yesterday AND a call from the principal too! and the same funk that had us pulling our hair out all afternoon and evening with him.. yea, that funk) Yep. he is so funny. You can ask and ask and ask that child what is bothering him, but he won't tell you till he's good and ready! So he's sitting there playing on his computer last night and I am talking to a friend. Nathaniel looks up and says to me "I was so worried all day. Someone was going to walk into my class any minute and shoot me." WHAT???? Well after talking to him for a bit I FINALLY figured out that he was stressed out about the H1N1 shot that he is getting at school THURSDAY! He had over heard some other students talking about it and internalized his stress over it. We saw the stress in the form of him acting out big time.... THANK GOD we have that figured out, and he had a WAY better day today since we all knew what was bothering him and could remind him that it wasn't today. I also talked to the principal and he is going to let Nathaniel get his shot EARLY in the day so he can mellow out over it!

Then it was off to drop Nathaniel and Audrey at school and get Josie a dentist appointment. I LOVE our dentist. He is SO AWESOME!!! They got Josie RIGHT in and got her treatment started. So the kid with a broken tooth needs SEVEN cavities filled AND a root canal!! Ugh.... there is like $2500.00 worth of bills on that child. You know, the one WITHOUT dental insurance!! Wonder if I can take up a collection to pay for that.... :)

Once we finished there it was off to CHC with Brianna to see why her glands were so swollen and hard. Good news... NOT strep throat. Bad news... she does have a cold and she is SUCH A BABY when she is sick!!

Then it was back to Butterfly to finish EIGHT cheerleader costumes (a rush order I took on Sunday) AND a woman's sport coat AND five pairs of pants... all due today! Yes, when it rains it pours! But I can't afford to turn any work away so I work crazy hours :)

Right now we are sitting upstairs at Butterfly and I am sewing madly trying to make a bunch of BIG deadlines that I have. Because I am really busy Josie has been delegated to help Audrey with her reading homework. The conversations that I am overhearing are cracking me up! Now remember, Josie is a little..... ummm... OPINIONATED! Audrey is reading her sight word flash cards for her homework and you have to listen to what we are hearing...

J: J.U.S.T. HOW in the heck did you get "chip" out of that Audrey???? It's JUST!

another word....
J: T.H. Audrey only makes ONE sound... how is the ONLY way you are allowed to spit at your parents?.... ttthhhh... ttthhhh... that 's the sound and the ONLY way you are allowed to spit at your parents!!!

next word:
A: (in sing song voice) How, oh how do you say this work? How, oh how do you say this word? Anyone? Anyone? Is ANYONE listening to me??

yet another word:
A: T.I.M.E Oh this word is "tit"... wait isn't that a bad word for breast? Why is that one of my sight words??

After a bit of this Faline decides that she really can't take anymore of this and she really needs some caffeine so she sends Josie to get her a soda and takes over the reading with Audrey. After a few attempts at words that Audrey totally butchers Faline says to her:

"Audrey please sound the words out backwards. Start at the end and sound out in reverse."
A: "That is silly Aunta. That would make my words wrong!"
F: "But you are getting them wrong sounding them out the right way, so why not try it!!"
And low and behold... the next five words she sounds out backwards and gets them all five RIGHT!!
Oh me Oh my!!

Costumes now finished and on their way to be delivered. All alteration orders are done and picked up. It's time to go sort out the fresh free food, bake a strawberry cake, and change that tire that still needs dealt with. Oh, and there is still Nathaniel's homework to deal with too....

Yup.... wish me luck on this night!


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