Tuesday, November 24, 2009

thankful day 2....

Today I am thankful to waking up to this:
Beautiful, sweet, cuddly, healthy children. Snuggling in bed with mommy so sweet this morning!

And I am thankful for the Sweet and Salty Fairy!!!

See, Nathaniel signed up to bring his favorite food to his feast at school today... Sweet & Salty bars. There was just one MAJOR problem. Mommy was OUT of S & S bars, and they are mail order, so I couldn't get them here that fast.... But the Sweet & Salty Fairy made a delivery EARLY this morning at my house. Bless You!!!

And that makes me thankful that I was able to send this tray of treats to school with Nathaniel this morning to share with his class. The yummo cookies I made last night AND his Sweet & Salty bars :0)

And I am thankful for this beautiful, sweet princess today. And my camera to capture sweet moments like these with her! They grow so fast, I am so thankful that I can freeze time occasionally in pictures!!

So in this day, what are YOU thankful for??


Mary K., David and James said...

What a great post! :-) Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!