Friday, January 8, 2010


SO it has been a few days since we got home, but I FINALLY got around to editing and posting the pictures. Yes, it has been THAT busy around here, that as much as I wanted to posted them I was just too busy! But here they are at long last.
Here are the kids all loaded up and ready to go. I was pretty impressed that we got everyone and everything in the car and still had a little room to move! he new wheelchair really is so much bigger than his old one!

After a nice long ride down to Southern California we hit the pool to relax and get some of the kids energy out. Or rather, Faline took the kids to the pool so that I had a few down minutes to relax from all of that driving. I am so blessed to have such a great SIL!!

Nathaniel especially loved pool time.

After a nights rest, sort of (does anyone really sleep well in a hotel??) it was time to get ready for the BIG DAY! Audrey was up first to get her hair french braided...

Then it was Brianna's turn!

And then I even got to try and tame Faline's fuz ball! Notice in all of these pctures MY hair isn't done yet? Figures hu?

Here we are all ready to head out!

At the park waiting for the tram to take us in. Since we had Nathaniel we got a private bench to chill on while we waited for the wheelchair accessible bus!

Finally in, first stop the castle. This was he first time that we have taken Nathaniel and Audrey to Disneyland. It's actually the first time I have been in like 15 years! But Audrey was so funny on some of her observations. About the castle, "It's like the one on Disney channel, only it's real." To which Josie answered "It IS the one on Disney Channel!!" and Audrey replied "No silly, don't you know TV is just make believe?"

Audrey kept making the greatest faces of pure awe and wonder as we were walking around. It was so much fun to just watch her face!

One of the other first things that we did was go to meet the princesses. Audrey REALLY wanted to do this and we wanted to get this line out of the way. We actually tag teamed it, with Faline waiting in line with Audrey while I took Josie and Nathaniel on he train ride, and we met all up right as we were going in. Perfect timing.

Audrey was SO EXCITED that the first princess she got to meet was Snow White. Audrey just got a Snow White doll from her dad for Christmas, so this was really cool to her.

My three princesses plus one!

Nathaniel thought it was cool that Prince Allie was there. I heard him say "You are like me, the only Prince surrounded bu Princesses!" I thought that was pretty funny.

And the last Princess that they got to meet was Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Our good friend Jon came with us on this trip. After all someone had to use Mark's ticket and we invited Grammie Sharon, but she couldn't make it!

I think Nat enjoyed having another guy around too.

I thought this looked like a jail, and it was appropriate, but I have been informed that is is the dog pound.

And OF COURSE Brianna is falling out of it. This kid can fall in the weirdest places!

Another one of Audrey's faces that had us rolling on the floor laughing!

We did wait in line to meet Mickey, and I think it was SO WORTH it! I LOVE this picture!!! Thank you Jon for making sure Nat was looking in the right place!!

Okay, so this one loaded strange, but I had to include it to document that we went on Faline's birthday. It was so much fun. She got this big pin to wear that said it was her birthday and people everywhere kept wishing her a happy birthday. It was really cool!

Look! I am even in a picture. I had so much fun with my precious ones at Disneyland.. can you tell?
This ride really impressed me. Disneyland was AMAZING about the wheelchair and special treatment with it, but I did get a little tired of transfers in .... interesting.... places. This is one of the newer rides and we just wheeled the chair right onto it and took off!

The whole day was so magical and fun. Nathaniel did AMAZING and I was concerned about it being too over stimulating for him. And NONE of the kids argued at all, all day long!

I think the best quote of the day was Nathaniel after we rode on Splash Mountain. I was a bit concerned about taking him on that ride because he isn't always into roller coasters. But he LOVED it. and then kept asking for more fast rides. After we got off the ride and were asking him about if he liked it or not he said "That was so much fun and so REFRESHING! Can we go on it again?" Refreshing? a 50 foot practically straight down drop? Interesting!