Monday, January 18, 2010

Visit with Great Grandma

We had an exciting Sunday after John's birthday party...
We started the morning with a yummy breakfast with many of the family...

Ty and Audrey had an interesting breakfast.... of cherries...
After their real breakfast of course!

Then we headed to Kerman to visit my Grandmother, the kids GREAT Grandmother, and deliver her Christmas present.

Audrey was very helpful in the opening part.

Then Brianna & Audrey went through the calender month by month telling who was in each picture.

Audrey was in a total love and snuggle mood, and Grandma Gallagher was eating it up.

Then we had to do the posed pictures... it's what I do with the kids, I want to make sure that they have pictures for when she is no longer with us (yes, I can be that morbid..)

4 Gallagher Girls (well TECHNICALLY 3 Gallagher and 1 Soares)

This is my favorite I think... they all look so cute!

Three Gallagher generations.

Grandma & Me.

After Kerman we headed back to the coast (home). Unfortunately we were late getting out and we had weather ALL of the way home.... Yuck. But we made it home safe and sound to our nice warm home. And I was so glad to be home that I hibernated here most of the day (working of course!)