Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glorious Sunday Out and About

Today has been an absolutely PERFECT day.

I had the SPECIAL treat of just Audrey and I going to church today. Jon allowed me to leave Nathaniel at home asleep with him while Audrey and I headed out to church. Audrey and I had a great time dancing and singing before the Lord during worship. Then during service Audrey sat on my lap and snuggled the WHOLE service. It was so sweet and just what we needed, mommy and Audrey time.

After church we picked up Nathaniel, Jon, Lorena and Kaia and headed out for the day!

It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day here on her Central Coast, and we headed to the beach up in Cayucos to enjoy a picnic.
When we were there we saw his funny man feeding the seagulls.... and letting them sit RIGHT ON HIS HEAD! OMG! I so don't think I could ever do that! But it was funny to watch! And you would NEVER guess what he was feeding them....

After eating and enjoy the wonderful day we had today we decided to go for a walk along the coast. The kids were told NOT to get too wet. Especially Nathaniel who had his braces on!

The kids were so cute frolicking in the water!

I found this an especially sweet picture. Reminds me of times I walked along the beach with my dear friend when I was younger.

Even though Jon did not feel well he joined us on our excursion too! What a dear friend!

And remember what we told Nathaniel about getting wet?

I guess it didn't make much of an impression on him!

After the beach we did a few errands to get ready for the big birthday celebration next week and then did the regular Sunday errands. Upon heading home we had a nice simple dinner, and just hung out for the evening. So simple, yet what I have always dreamed a Sunday should be.

A random thought hit me today yet it won't leave my brain. You see I was thinking that if 15 to 20 years ago I had a CLUE about what would make me incredibly happy today, I would have chosen my path so differently. I don't know that I ever thought I would want someone to stand beside me in life, work along side me. I don't know that I ever thought I would want someone who isn't afraid to get dirty and get the job done. I don't know that I ever thought I would want someone to just enjoy the simple time of a family day at the beach. Someone that helps around the house without being asked. Someone who cooks dinner occasionally. I didn't think of any of those things when I chose my husband. I thought of things like being respected, being loved, being treated with honor. But obviously I didn't know how to judge those qualities, because even though they are of utmost importance to me, I haven't felt them in a LONG time. But in the past few weeks my eyes have been opened to the fact that if I TRULY had a clue about what I would want out of my life I would have walked a very different path. This time has taught me what it really feels like to be respected, treated like a person who matters, and being half of a team that works together to get things done, and done well! It is interesting to me the way that things worked out, or didn't as the case may be in my life! Interesting indeed. It's probably a really good thing that I don't think I will ever be choosing another man to be in my life! I am sure I would screw that up too
So, off of the rabbit trail and back to the subject at hand, how did you spend this glorious Sunday?