Monday, January 18, 2010

This weekend the Faline, the kids and I traveled to the valley to celebrate my uncle John's 60th Birthday with him and TONS of other folks!
John (the birthday boy) & Christie

It was a great weekend for many reasons. First, I got to see a bunch of extended family that I haven't seen in years. And it actually was for a CELEBRATION, not a sad time. Second, the kids all got to go with me. And third, we had fun!
This is my cousin Jason (John's son), his beautiful wife Christina, and his darling children Chloe and Jack.

This is John's daughter Jeannette (and our gracious hostess) and her darling children Ty & Peyton

Gallagher's galore... Amanda, Amber, Josie, De Etta, Rex & Jeannette

I love how John's face lights up with love for his grandchildren, aren't they too cute together?

This is Fiona (another cousin) and her friend Andy. I loved seeing Fiona so happy!

Fiona & Andy with her parents Jim & Susan
Audrey and her Papa Rex (my father)

And my dad and his granddaughters
(Josie, Brianna & Audrey)

Great picture of Faline & Josie!

Nathaniel and his Grammie Sharon

Ty is such a character. And he introduced Nathaniel to the Wii.... I think I might be in trouble as Nat told me "We gotta get one of these things momma!"

After a fabulous dinner and lots of refreshment the dancing began. Of course some of the first on the dance floor were Josie and Audrey!

I am happy to report that Audrey has found a new beau... she is reconsidering her marriage to her classmate Robby in favor of this young man, Adikus. I vote for Adikus... if only because she won't see him as often!!

Miss Attitude

Cutting the floor with with the girls...

And of course they HAD to do the Chicken dance... the kids were cute doing it :)

This one cracked me up... Audrey is standing there looking around and right after I snapped this picture she looked at me and asked "Why hasn't Miss Julie taught me this Macha Macha dance?"

And they just kept going and going and going.

This little tiny guy was sure cute dancing too.. and of course Audrey was right in there with him.

John and Peyton dancing up a storm, and look at that smile he has for her again. Priceless. Peyton really loved to dance too. She is getting to be such a beautiful young lady.

Taking a break with Papa.

Andy really scored points with Peyton on this dance. Not only she get to be so tall, but they did great spins and dips too!

Grammie didn't dance much, but Audrey kept her entertained in more ways than one!

Josie blended right in... the scary thing is that she is about 15 years younger than these two cousins!

But I think sir Nathaniel was a popular dance partner too! Here we can see how close he is to being as tall as his Aunt Faline!

Josie and Nat rocking out.

Nathaniel and Aunt De Etta cutting it up.

And even Brianna had a turn with him. I danced with him too, but no one took our picture! Silly Brianna!
I was so proud of all of the kids. We had them out LATE, in a situation with LOTS of people and they all did so good. Hence mommy got to have lots of fun, talk to family I haven't seen in a LONG time and relax. I am thinking that they must be getting more grown up on me, this is two trips in a row that they did great on!! Or maybe it's just removing a stressful person from the equations, but who knows. Whatever it is I am LIKING it a LOT!!