Saturday, January 23, 2010

More BIG changes!

So LOTS has happened this week. Much that I am still processing, but one of the BIG things that I have come to terms with and am ready to move forward with is things that are going on with my business, Butterfly Boutique.

For almost four years, my passion has been becoming a strong viable business in our community that supports the families here. I am passionate about small business, shopping locally, recycling and reusing, community and families. I put all of those things together, shook it up with a great, like minded woman and we came up with Butterfly Boutique, a children's resell store that also carries specialty lines. I have poured my heart into this store over the last 4 years, even in times when my personal life has taken some sharp turns and while dealing with a severely disabled child. It has been a Topsy turvey road that the Lord has taken us on, but through it all, He has guided us and prospered us. Even in 2009, one of the worst years on small businesses EVER, we did outstanding not only maintaining but making gains and becoming more secure than ever. During this last week my business partner abruptly stepped out of the partnership that defined Butterfly Boutique. This took me by complete surprise and in all honesty breaks my heart. I know how much both of us have poured into this over the last 4 years and that we are now in a stable place, the timing is unfortunate in my opinion. But I am NOT standing in judgement of her, or what she has chosen to do. There are certain areas that her strengths and weaknesses make us a bad match. But that is ok. I have always thought that the Lord will work those things out. But right now she is not feeling that way.

SO.... as of last night, I will be running Butterfly Boutique on my own for the next 90 days. During this time my business partner will be completely silent and it will give her time to figure out how she wants to move forward.
So today the kids and I had a BUSY and hard working day at BB. Nat & Audrey were AMAZING. They worked together so well. Played nicely and let me try and get a handle on what is going on here. Here the kids were taking a nice break and watching TV on Nat's computer while eating a snack that they earned by helping me unpack two boxes!

Unfortunately, life has taken me away from the day to day running of the business in the past few months and I had no idea how out of control the inventory issue here is! Every time I turn around I ma finding boxes stuffed here and there FULL of things that need to go down stairs onto the sales floor!

As I looked around it was very overwhelming, but I am SURE that the Lord will show me just how to move through everything and get a handle on what is going on.

In the mean time I am not going to be looking too hard behind anything until I get the first layer or two dealt with :)

So if there is anyone out there who has some free time and wants to volunteer to come hang out with me and treasure hunt you are MORE THAN welcome!! And if any of you want to pray for all of us involved in this situation, that the Lord reveals his path and His plan for all of us involved in the situation that would be awesome too! I know that it will be ONLY through Him and His strength that I will figure out where He wants me in all of this.

As a side note... do you catch the TOTALLY AUDREY outfit that she is sporting today?? That girl of mine makes me smile with her crazy outfits!!

And as a side, side note, my roommate found out some hard news today too. Could you lift him up in prayer too that this situation gets resolved in a good way and he can put it behind him?

It seems that the attacks are coming from every side, but I know that with Christ Jesus's strength we will endure it all!