Thursday, January 28, 2010

some days...

Some days I wonder why the storms rage on in some people's lives while others seem to skate along in sunshine.

Some days I wonder why ignorant people get to stand in judgement of others and hold a position of power.

Some days I wonder why so many refuse to take the time to understand the people around them.
Some days I wonder what God is trying to teach me with all of the things that keep coming at me. Am I so deaf I don't hear Him?
Some days I wonder why certain people get to shove others off of cliffs, but are never held accountable for the shoving. Only the free falling one gets in trouble.
I was even wondering the other night if you still wonder in eternity!
Some days I wonder if I wonder too many things!

But today I am NOT going to wonder!

I am going to cover myself in truths!

Both mentally AND physically if that is what it takes.

And I have to say right here, as much as I love to blog, as healing and therapeutic as it is for me, some days Facebook is just better! Nothing against my blog... but people don't COMMENT here... I don't get the love as much! I LOVE the love, and I LOVE the validation on FB! One dear soul in particular is AMAZING at seeing my status updates and throwing the PERFECT verses back at me. Just what my heart needs! I LOVE being able to connect with people!

SO today I head into battle in a few hours. I am going to cover myself in the word of God and pray for ANSWERS not HOOPS! I am going to pray that the people harassing the hell out of me are actually able to DO SOMETHING to HELP this time not just waste my time. I am going to pray for God's PERFECT path for my precious children and myself!

Won't you stand with me?


{april kennedy} said...

You need to link your blog posts to FB. That is what I do. I would much rather be on my blog because I will be able to print everything written into a book. But I do want my FB friends to see what is going on and I don't have time for both. On FB there is a place somewhere (i forget where I found it) that links your blog posts each day and posts them as notes on FB.

Good luck today. Prayers are with you!