Saturday, January 9, 2010

What is in a word?

A woman I find to be dear and inspiring did a great post on her blog about picking a WORD to resolve to for 2010 instead of a list of resolutions. I really liked this idea, so I am going to steal it from Penny and commit to it here too!

New Years Resolutions are something that I have LONG struggled with. I think we should all have goals ALL the time, and be constantly striving forward. But for some reason society makes this BIG deal about the New Year, and new goals. Lots of people jump on board, make all of these broad declarations, and then by the time that February rolls around they have completely forgotten about it all! I don't want to live that way, and have long chosen not to. But the other day I was reading Penny's Blog and came across this quote:

"Maybe instead of a list of resolutions, I will choose a word. One simple word. One word that, in a sense, defines my priorities. Helps me focus on what's important."

I had to stop and think for a minute (or way more, but who's counting??).
Hmmm......just one word? That is hard, but what a GREAT idea....
I like it and my word for 2010 would be:


I know it doesn't seem like much on the surface, but when looking closely it is so much.

I want to learn to be TRUE to who I am again.
For too long I have allowed others to define who and what I am.
I have forgotten who God created Gretchen to be.
I am a daughter of Christ first.
I am a mother second.
I am a creative individual with things of value to share.
I am a business owner and have an important position in this great community that I live in.
I am a person of value and importance, and am due kindness, respect and even love!

I want to be TRUE to my Lord in my every action.
I want to say this loud and clear, that those who look at my life will CLEARLY see that I am NOT in control of it! I have willingly and even happily given that control to the one due it, my Lord. I want to reflect the spirit of the Lord in all I do. I strive to live my life in a manner worthy of the great love and kindness he so freely gives me!

I want to be TRUE to my children in being the best mom that I can be.
So often I allow society, circumstances or even family to dictate what type of mother I am. I am tired of this. God gave me my children for a reason. He even knew their quirks and specialness before He gave them to me, but still He chose ME to be their mother. I am tired of looking for validation and guidance all around me, it is time to seek it ONLY from the Lord above! In doing this I KNOW that I will be a the best mother that I can be and all that the Lord intended for our family. In this I also want to be true to the things that build memories and foundations in my children's lives, hence we have delcalared 2010 the year of Family Fun, and started out with a HUGE (for us) trip to Disneyland! I want to be true to this goal and continue to have family fun, memory building moments all year long... NO MATTER WHAT!

I want to be TRUE to my business and callings in life.
I have long strove to mesh the demands of society with my deep held beliefs and tried to find a way to make it all work together. What a waste of time and energy, in that I will NEVER please everyone, and it is time to be TRUE to ME! I look forward to the freedom that this will bring me in how I run my business and how I do business!! I also look forward to continuing to work in ministry fields and life fields in the manner that God calls me to, sharing my gifts, experiences and love in the way that He created me to do without concern of how I will be viewed by others. What freedom that will be!

I am tired of hiding behind masks that others give me to wear, it is time to be TRUE to who God created me to be!

Thanks Penny!! :)