Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Mommy Moments

One of the BEST things about being a mommy to me is those sweet moments that just melt your heart. My children BOTH blessed me with one of those this morning. Ahhhh, this mommy's heart is happy as she heads to work.

I am one of THOSE mommy's that like to take their sleeping children into bed with them and just snuggle them close. I have ALWAYS done this to my poor kids... gone and grabbed a sound asleep child out of bed and hauled them to my bed to snuggle close and smell them. I usually pray over them lots during this time too, and just thank God for the gift that each of them is. I KNOW there has to be other moms like me out there. There must be, because I am so NOT crazy in doing this!

Ah, but I digress.....

So, this morning I went and grabbed Audrey to wake her up. I scooped her up and hauled her back to my bed to snuggle her awake and we had the sweetest conversation. She just cracks me up and I NEVER know what she is going to say next! So this morning the wind was kicking up (did you know it's FREAKING WET out there here in California???) and I said "Oh listen to the wind. Isn't it pretty?" She picks her sleepy little head up and listens. Then she gets this sweet little smile on her face and says "Yes, Jesus, I love you too!" It was so sweet but WHERE did that come from??? So, I asked her of course. The answer? "The wind, the rain, the beach waves, all the pretty sounds mommy? Those are the voice of Jesus telling us special things. He told me He loves me this morning in the wind. He told Aunt that this is going to be a happy year last night at the beach."


So the morning progresses well, we are all dressed and ready to head out to school. It starts POURING when I stop at the school to drop the kids off. Now Nathaniel still likes to wander around and doesn't always make it to class so I still walk with the kids to their classrooms. We head out and get SOAKED. I mean straight through the rain jacket, through the jeans, through the boots.... wet down to the skin. So we get to Nathaniel's classroom and he says to me "Mommy you are so wet! Do you want to stay with me at school today so you don't get all wet going back to the car?" Ahhhhh, so sweet. He can be so sweet and thoughtful.