Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another thing to be thankful for....

So driving home from UCSF today I decided that I am actually VERY BLESSED!
Not only is UCSF a FABULOUS hospital, they take GREAT care of my son and our family AND they are a teaching hospital (and while sometimes I get annoyed with that and just want to see the "real" doctor, I love that these "newbies" are getting hands on learning).

I also LOVE that we get to go North instead of South. I am sure that there are very nice hospitals in southern California, but I HATE Los Angeles traffic and roads.

And UCSF might be 4 1/2 hours away from our home, I have a FABULOUS car that allows the kids to watch DVDs and listen on their headphones, while I BLAST my music (today a great mix my friend left me that I really enjoy), with comfy seat (heating pads included) and cruise control. Who would mind that drive in all of that comfort?

And to top it all off??? The Lord blesses me with such beautiful scenery to look at while driving!!
All of these photos were taken today while driving home. (No, not WHILE driving... I did pull over to take them!) I could have stopped a million more times and my eyes spied something beautiful from the Lord, but I REALLY wanted to get home to my house, my bed and most of all my Audrey!
So, it might be long, and hard at times, but I am still blessed!