Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trying to maintain normal!

With all the chaos in our lives I am working very hard to try an maintain some sort of normal for the kids and I!
So tonight. after Audrey and I packed a few boxes, we headed over to Grammies house to color Easter Eggs.

Yes, I know eggs have nothing to do wit Easter in reality, but honestly this is one of the ONLY traditions I remember my mom participating in growing up. There was a great deal that she would not do with us, but dying Easter eggs was always her thing!

As you can see she and Audrey were very serious about this project.

And Audrey was very serious about getting the "perfect colors".

Personally I just like all the pretty eggs when you are done :)

See.... Aren't they pretty?

While Audrey and mom dyed the eggs I put together the plastic ones. Filled them all up with pencil top erasers, bubbles, stickers and pennies!

And I put together some small presents for Nat and Audrey. I am pretty impressed with all that we did and the fact that I spent less than $20.00 on all of it! Nothing like holiday traditions on shoestring budgets!

I am looking forward to taking Audrey to Easter service at church, then seeing all FOUR kids together for the first time in months! What a blessing that will be.