Saturday, April 24, 2010

Treasure Hunting Today!

I got up bright and early with a LONG list of things that I needed for the new house and went treasure hunting this morning...
And man was the Lord ever smiling on me today! I seriously scored on some things :) As you can see from the back of my car I had acquired A LOT of new things. And that is with the four back seats laid down! Only room for the driver and passenger (sort of tight there too..)

This was not on the need list, but my heart did a flip flop when I saw it and it gave me serious butterflies.

I have never really had a bedroom set for Audrey. I always wanted to, but what I thought was cute was out of my price range and what was affordable didn't give me butterflies. Well this is seriously butterflies in the tummy cute in my opinion AND it matches all of the fabric that I already have for her curtains (and since 24 linear feet of her room is windows, there are going to be A LOT of curtains!) So totally resigned to call it out of my price range I asked a price on it and about had a heart attack when the lady said $5.00! Seriously??? Five dollars for this sweet quilt in really good condition AND a pillow sham AND a bed ruffle??? That's all??? Well OBVIOUSLY it came home with me :) I can't wait to see it all come together in her room soon!

This little number Lorena actually found for me last night and had the woman hold it for me. So cute and it would look great in a bunch of places in my house... gonna have to decide where it goes!

Now these were NOT on the need list either. But sort of like the bedroom set for Audrey, I saw these and thought of Nathaniel right away. Our neighbors at the old house had these reindeer that they put out at Christmas last year and Nathaniel FIXATED on them so much! He would sit and look at them for HOURS. So I see these four boxes sitting there and think that I should get one for Nat. So I asked the guy "How much?" He says $5.00, so I turned to Lorena and said "they are $5.00 each, help me pick on for Nat." Then the guy said, "No, $5.00 takes all 4 of them. Want me to help you carry them to your car?" How does one say no to that???

Now in Faline's had are two real treasures.. both on the need list! On one side you see a hand held shower head. Our new house is not handicap equipped in the bathroom, and while I have permission to change that, I still have to get my own supplies. This little number was thrown in for free at Goodwill with the score of the day... In her other hand is a spinning CD tower that takes up a 10" space and holds over 200 CDs!!! I was looking for some practical storage solutions for my CDs that I could access them easily and not have them take up all of my shelves. I think this is going to be great and at the HUGE price of $2.00 even if it doesn't work I am not out much!

This was COMPLETELY on my need list. I told myself that I MUST have a over the toilet storage rack by the end of the weekend, even if it meant that I had to buy it retail. And I really wanted one that had cabinets and drawers.... God heard the desire of my heart and didn't make me pay retail either! This little guy came home with us for the whopping price of $18.00... not bad at all and COMPLETELY what I needed! (Cathing supplies must be handy, yet I tire of looking at them every time I walk into the bathroom!)

Also purchased today:
~super sweet, blitzed out jeans for Audrey (50 cents)
~ the only Casting Crowns CD that I don't own! ($1.00 and it works great!)
~A silver ware sorter rack for the kitchen ($1.00)
~a lid for my big skillet (since SOMEONE broke the other one I had) ($2.00)
~ a new to me cordless drill with 4 batteries and a charger (so I can return my father's to him and get out of trouble!) ($8.00)
~shoes for Faline (hers are gross!!!) (50 cents)
~ and the score of the day....

At Goodwill (the warehouse) I spied this little number and fell for her lines... fell HARD for her lines. She is just so darned .... butterfly worthy!!! I had to sit in her to prove to myself that while she was candy for the eye, she just couldn't be all that comfortable. Crud! I was so wrong!!! She is as comfy and she is cute. Darn it all to heck. I sent Faline to ask a price, know FULL WELL that I would spend up to about $50.00 on her. She snagged my heart hard and fast. Imagine my delight when the sales lady came over, took a glance at her and said $15.00. SOLD!!! So fast did I load her up in the car, no one was gonna take her from me, and ESPECIALLY at that price! So when I got up to the counter to pay the lady said $15.00. I told her I had the shower head too, but she looked at that and said "thanks for getting it out of here for me, $15.00 please." Holy molly! That shower head was also on my "MUST HAVE by the end of the weekend" list and was in PERFECT condition and would have cost me well over $50.00 retail!!! As Faline says, I got my shower head for less than half price and they threw this AMAZING chair in for free :)

I would definitely say that for $65.00 I did DARNED good today! I love treasure hunting!!