Monday, April 12, 2010

Ever feel....

So TOTALLY overwhelmed with all you have to do that you would rather curl up and cry or sleep than do anything??? Yup. That is where I am this morning. Life is weighing on my shoulders like a on of bricks right now.

I am SO BLESSED and thankful to have found a night job so fast and in this tough job market.... But these 18 hour days are killing me! I KNOW that God provided what I needed to meet my families needs, and for that I praise Him. On the other hand my body just isn't as young as it used to be, and these are long hours. I am simply praying that this season of needing to work like this is just a short one! Butterfly goes up for sale very soon, and I should be able to resume my "regular" work soon too. I am not sure WHICH path the Lord has me on as far as providing for my family, but I have faith that He will make it clear to me soon, and I KNOW that He is providing now too. I just need to make it through this current season without my body giving out :)

It dawned on me today that Nathaniel's surgery is only 16 days away!!! Yes, I know, I haven't blogged about all that happened at Spina Bifida Clinic last week (blame it on the above mentioned long days!), but it boils down to Nathaniel needing surgery NOW... and it is on schedule for April 28th at UCSF. We are praying that the "simple procedure" works for him, and that he only has a week or two recovery, but the possibility remains that he might need the complex procedure too. I have so much to do to get ready for all that this will entail!

Then there is the whole moving thing. Boy is it overwhelming to move in the best of times... and I am not in the best of times right now! I feel like I need to get everything moved and Nathaniel's stuff all set up for him BEFORE the surgery because it is not fair to him to keep juggling him while he is recovering, but that means I have 15 days to get that done. I just don't know HOW that is even possible! There is so much stuff in this house to get packed and moved. There is so much stuff to sort because Mark never moved his stuff out of here. And I am an organization freak to boot... I don't do well in chaos, and my house is DEFINITELY in chaos right now! Well, truth be told, BOTH of my houses are in chaos! Wow... just a little hard on me!

I am still trying to figure out how to get flooring in the sun room at the new house so I can set that stuff up for Audrey too. I know HOW to lay the tile, but don't have the time. I don't know how to glue the industrial carpet, nor do I know if I know anyone who does. I also know how to put down the laminate, but that is pricey and we have that time issue again.... decisions, decisions. Man is it ever hard!

Add all of the stuff that needs done to the short time line and the working 18 hours a day thing and you end up with one overwhelmed Gretchen!

So why, you ask, am I sitting here writing when I should be working??? I don't know. It's just easier to share how I feel than to figure out where to start on the to do list!!!! Any suggestions are welcome :) But for now I am going to tackle that closet over there, change and make my bed (so I have some place to collapse tonight!), load the car and try to get to work on time. That is my next hour, and honestly that is as far ahead as I can think!

Be blessed today :)


{april kennedy} said...

what about putting down the sticky tiles in that room and then putting an area rug in there. The sticky tiles go in fast! i think they even work on concrete...but don't hold me to it...investigate to see if it would work.