Sunday, April 11, 2010


To our new home!!!!
I am so excited that the kids and I got a great new house!

The living room....
There looks like so much potential here... can't wait to make it ours!

The dining area...

Tiny little kitchen, but whatever!

The sun room, which is going to be a play room.
Anyone know how to do carpet in here?? I would love help with that :)

My room.

And Nathaniel's room... from two angles!

The garage even has great built in storage, which I am excited about :) And laundry hook ups too!

And a HUGE backyard for the kids and the dog :)

So we are having a moving party on Sunday April 18th, next weekend, and anyone is welcome to join us! I want to try and get everything settled before Nathaniel's surgery so he can be comfortable in his recovery.