Monday, April 19, 2010

on the move

It was an incredibly busy weekend! On Saturday Butterfly Boutique hosted a community wide rummage sale, which was a huge success. We personally sold lots of stuff and got a great deal cleaned up around the shop. Then on Sunday we had the big push to get all of the large furniture, appliances and the majority of our stuff over to the new house.

I was INCREDIBLY BLESSED by three men from our church who came and worked their tail ends off. I have three new heroes.... Shane, Dan and Allan! What an amazing blessing to me and my children they were and are. And it is interesting that God is showing me through men like these three and Jon that NOT all men are cut from the same fabric. While I have had he same types of men repeatedly in my life, there are other types out there. I like these new types much better :) The kindness of guys like Jon, Shane, Dan and Allan is touching a spot in me that has been abandoned for so long, and through their actions I am beginning to believe in goodness again. God is mind boggling in the ways that he teaches us lessons.
So, after a FULL day of hard labor this is what our new living room looks like. That is most of the kitchen stuff in the living room (because I had to find the boxes of frozen and refrigerated foods... hope I found them all!!!) And all of the light furniture in the dining room is for Nathaniel's room, but I need to get his locked cabinets settled before I take the rest in.

The garage is even more terrifying..... stacks EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Then there is my room. Call me crazy, but Faline and I were making the bed AS SOON as the guys carried it in! I was SOOOO TIRED that I knew I had to have it ready to go so I could collapse at the end of the day.... and that is JUST what I did!

My new room seems so HUGE to me. I am not sure if it is because it is so much bigger (I don't think it is, but I haven't measured it) or if it is because I have the space in the rest of the house to put my desk and treadmill in other rooms and now my bedroom can just be for me. But whatever it is, I like it. I feels spacious and clean and not cluttered.

My kids have a large wooden swing set that doesn't come apart too easily. And our new house has small gates. The guys wanted to set the swing set up in the front yard, but I wasn't too fond of that idea. So you will NEVER BELIEVE what they came up with.

Yep... that is my ROOF! They lifted the darned thing out of the bed of the truck and carried it over the roof!! I thought they were kidding when they started talking about it (pretty sure Dan thought they were kidding too!) but nope, that is what they did.

Of course they didn't think about the getting it down off of the roof part until it was already up there! And even though one of them just thought we should add an extension on the ladder and slide and leave it up there, we got it down just fine. I even proved helpful in that endeavor (I am NOT used to guys that don't expect me to pull my weight in projects.... it was kinda funny to me that they kept looking at me like I was crazy when I was helping out!)

So this week is going to be filled with unpacking, finishing getting rest out of the other house and getting settled in before we head to UCSF for surgery next week. Oh, and learning how to cut and install carpet... that should be fun :)


{april kennedy} said...

It's looking good! Your bedroom looks like a nice little place for you to retreat too. Good for you. And, I'm so glad you took a picture of that play structure on the roof. Classic!

lucinda said...

Good for you and the kiddoes, Gretchen! The house looks great...warm, clean, welcoming! A place for family nurturing and love...mazel tov!