Saturday, March 20, 2010

Art Science Expo

SOME HOW I managed to get to go to the Art Science Expo at my children's school this morning with them. I say some how because the powers that be thought I shouldn't be able to take them, but God worked it out... and I am so glad that He did!! It was fun :) And the added bonus was that Bri came with us and I got to see her for a little while. Yes! I miss Bri and Jo so much...
There were tons of cool things for the kids to do there, and it all supported our PTA so it was (Gramie's) money well spent! Audrey did impression paintings with pieces of nature and stencils... the little artist that she is.

Bri really enjoyed the chicks and was a great helper to Nat & Audrey in holding them.

Although Nat was only interested in LOOKING at them up close... just like the turtles and star fish too! It's funny because he has been SO EXCITED about this event, talking about it all week, but when we got there he wasn't into touching anything. Silly boy.

Audrey, on the other hand, had no problem touching.... she wanted it all!


She was even into kissing it all too! I swear, this is the child who will VOLUNTEER to kiss a pig in the Kiss a Pig contest things!

But the biggest hit of the morning was the music room, provided by the local symphony group. Nathaniel looked like a natural with the violin, and he got some good sound out if it too!

So serious!

Of course monkey see, monkey do, so Audrey was totally into it too!

Nat really liked the percussion stuff... and made some BIG noises with the Cymbals!

Audrey is so musical. She blows my mind often with her musical abilities... she played the violin.. well!

She got clear sounds out of the flute, and the flute is not always the easiest instrument to play!

She remembered the trumpet from the jazz concert we took her to a few weeks ago.

Even demanded to know why they had not brought a mute for her to practice with like the trumpet player from Preservation Hall had!!!

She laughed at the bells and said that they were too "girly"...

But I think she astounded us all on the trombone!!!

Right after this the lady picked up the other trombone and would play a note, showing Audrey which position to hold the slide in. And the amazing thing was that Audrey hit EVERY ONE of the notes the lady showed her! If she was off Audrey would listen and move things around till she hit the note right, then she would beam up at the lady. I think we were all a bit amazed by it. The lady from the symphony asked me how long Audrey had been taking music lessons for...... Umm... she has NEVER had a music lesson!!!! A few demos here and there at school, but never any training. The lady looked a little shocked at that news. I laughed and said, "She has quiet an ear on her, and she writes her own songs too." I guess I should look into some music classes for her.... when life settles out some!

I feel blessed to have spent the morning playing with Nathaniel and Audrey at such a fun event. How lucky are we that our PTA puts on such fun and educational stuff?