Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

My Saint Patrick's Day cuties... Love them to pieces!

Funny thing about my kids recently... they will NOT look at the camera at the same time!! Goof balls....

Thanks to my DEAR friend Lorena I got to spend the afternoon with my precious children. What a blessing and JUST what I needed. We did homework first, of course. The we headed off to Carlock's for a birthday afternoon treat.

And then we did another birthday tradition in our household...

Silly string war!!!!

Sometimes you just need to goof off.... if you know what I mean!

And silly string is so cheap, that this is a standard birthday treat around here.

Check out my cool new hat that Lorena made me.... LOVE IT!! I am getting quiet the collection of awesome colorful hats, so I will never be lacking one that goes perfectly with my outfit :) I am so spoiled by her!

Love seeing those happy smiles and hearing all of the giggles. Made my heart happy.

The girls were pretty fierce in their competitiveness... but still giggling away :)

Goof balls.

In related news...

Audrey wrote an awesome story at school today that I thought I would share with you!

Translation for those of you who don't read first grade writing so well...

One time I saw a Leprechaun stuck in a hole. Audrey helped the Leprechaun and the Leprechaun helped Audrey. The Leprechaun gave the gold to Audrey.

So cute. I am so proud of her for learning to put her sentences together and making a story that is easy to follow. I LOVE to write, and it's so healing for my sole, I hope this is something that Audrey can master too, and that it will help her too!
And, of course, no first grade story is complete without illustrations. So Audrey in pink and the Leprechaun, Sam, is the one with a shamrock hat. Love it.

Other that this joy I have had a HARD day. I have spent the day in tears processing things that I would rather leave buried, digging through old journals and praying for healing in many areas of my life. I have been writing up a storm too. A story you don't want to read I am sure, but that is ok. I am writing it for healing for my heart, and maybe to share with a trusted friend or two, but mostly for my heart.

So I wished to spend some time with my 4 munchkins... so far I have got to GREAT JOY of spending time with 2 of them... but the night is not over yet, maybe my wish to see the other two will still happen.. we shall see.

Have a blessed and happy evening!