Saturday, March 6, 2010

A night with Preservation Hall

I had the great joy of being able to take Nathaniel and Audrey to see these guys last night!The Preservation Hall Jazz Band! What a great group of musicians, we had so much fun!!

When I was growing up my father would drive the tour bus for this group when they were in California and we kids got to go see them all of the time, even ride the bus with them on tour at times too! I became the most looked forward to trip of the summer, getting to see the band again and hang out with them. And as I have always loved music, and especially gospel and jazz, it was an even bigger treat for me!

Last night the band played very near our home, and we were blessed to receive tickets from the drummer so that my parents, myself and the kids could go see them! Thanks Joey, what a treat in this dark time of our lives :)

Nathaniel and Audrey were so good at the concert, they were intently focused, picking out the sounds the different instruments made and taking a keen interest in all that was going on. Audrey kept telling me "I am so tired, but the music is too fun to go to sleep!" I was so impressed at one point, they had just announced a guest artist on the tuba, and you could hear him playing in the wings, but not see him yet. Audrey, who wasn't listening to the "voices" (she said they were too hard to understand) leaned over to me and said "I hear a new sound. What instrument is making that new 'baahhh baaahh bump' sound?" What a good ear for a 7 year old at her first jazz concert! Nathaniel also did really well and was very focused.

After the show we got to go see the band and say "hi" to old friends we hadn't seen in years. We even met the new members who we also very nice and accepting, even of my over tired, very hyped out children. The guest artist (who if I am remembering correctly was David Silverman, long time director of The Simpson's) even arm wrestled with Audrey forever! Too bad the kids were SO TIRED and causing such a ruckus, I would have loved to chat longer, but alas, all god things much come to an end, so we headed home.

It was such a special treat and so much fun to introduce my children to a band I love so much!