Friday, March 12, 2010

Baywood Walk A Thon

Today was the Walk/Jog A Thon at my children's school. This is the biggest PTA fund raiser of the year for our school and REALLY helps support all of the FABULOUS programs that our kids have at Baywood! Lorena and I headed over to cheer our kiddos on in their walking or jogging.
Nathaniel's class was the first of our three classes, and he seemed a little bummed out when we got there...

So I decided to go walk with him, and this cheered him right up!

Then we joined forces with his student teacher Mr. Dale, and he really got into it!

Each lap is 1/8 of a mile, and last year Nat did 6 laps. This morning I asked him what his goal was this year and he answered 120!! I think that was a bit ambitious for 25 minutes, but I was VERY impressed with his 11 laps!!

Way to Go Nat Nat!!
I think Nat's favorite part was the Popsicles that the PTA provided when they were done though!

Kaia's class was next up for us....this is them right before they started.

And they are off!

Two of Audrey's best friends, Kaia and Makia

Little Miss Energy just ran and ran and ran... but that doesn't surprise me, she is that way!

Here she is catching some air in that run!

Kaia finished with an AMAZING 17 laps!!!

Way to go Kaia!!!

And finally, here was Little Bit's class.

Audrey started out looking so happy and having so much fun.. but I think we have forgot to teach Audrey about pacing herself!

Because she tuckered out VERY quickly!

Or maybe not... she was funny the way she alternated facial expressions every time she passed us!

Little Miss Audrey finished with an impressive 11 laps!! Her goal from the morning was 10, so she was right on!

Way to go Audrey!!

Both of my kids are a little short on their goals for sponsorship, so if anyone feels inclined to support a great school with a little donation for either of them please let me know. They have one more week to finish collecting $$ :)

I am sure you have heard me say before how much I LOVE our school and the staff there! This is our Principal, Mr J, out there giving high 5s the WHOLE time.

I am SURE he has a sore hand tonight! But he is so supportive of the kids and everything that they do!

In the center of this little group a little guy fell down and lost his glasses. That is Mr J down on his knees helping the little guy out, and after they got up Mr J and the little guy went off to do a lap together. And I have to say that I heard Mr J calling EVERY child by name. How great is that that our administrator is SO involved with the kids that he will get down on his knees to help, walk with a sad child and know all of the kids by name? I think it speaks volumes!

And this is the back of the shirt that shows the community sponsors that helped out too. Seriously... thank these guys if you are local for support our kids! Because these kids are our future!!! (And thanks Mr Dale for posing for me... the shirt fit you way better than the kids :) )