Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple Time!

This weekend I found out about an opportunity to go to the apple orchards and "glean" apples for a really great price, so I had to take the kids. First I love picking apples from the orchards... so fun. Second all those fall colors make for great pictures! And third, inexpensive apples for canning.. couldn't pass it up! So yesterday we headed down..
 Apple orchards and wheel chair was a bit.... interesting!
 But the colors were grand!

 And the kids were a kick, attitudes and all!

Of course the orchard where we went was BEAUTIFUL too, so once we were done gathering apples I tortured the kids with picture time. I haven't done this to them in SO LONG!

So much fun and such a great outing. I loved it, and it was affordable too!

What a fun family day :)

What fun activity have you done recently?