Friday, October 8, 2010

Friends..... and funnies!

A while ago (time is all relevant anyways, right?) we headed north to have a mini family vacation before school started back up. We had tons of fun visiting with our friends J & T, and their beautiful children. My kids especially had fun playing with J's work toys. As much fun as it was, I am not sure if they will ever invite the chaos of our family on them selves again, but we do have lots of fun pictures to remember this trip by.

It was nice to just hang out with friends and let the kids (of all sizes) play. Sometimes I put way too much pressure on hang out situations by expecting my kids to behave with great manners and in such a way... but let's be honest, kids will be kids and putting that extra stress on the situation doesn't help anyone. So, even if I was MORTIFIED when Nathaniel was NOT nice to J&T's son, I will focus on the FUN that we had, and how great it was to be in the company such great people!

On the final note though.... you HAVE to check out Brianna and her hilarious moves here....