Friday, October 15, 2010

What I have been working on....

Let it be heard that I am NOT a fan of child pageants
I just think that they are wrong on so many levels.

But to be honest, my thinking that will not stop them from happening and someone is going to earn a pay check dressing these children...

So when I was approached last weekend to make some pageant outfits I knew how broke I am and felt that I HAD to take this job, even though the timing on it was AWFUL!

And I did hope that I could influence the mom to be a bit less over the top on the .... riskiness .... of the outfits.

I had some rough descriptions from mom,  a few pictures off of the Internet from her and less than a week to come up with three different styles for this girl...

So here's what I have been madly designing and construction in the midst of my chaotic week:

 For the "Red, White & Blue" category....
Yes, I agree, she left the blue out!
To be fair there is a TINY bit of blue in the ribbon...

 For the "Barbie Girl" Category.
No, I have no idea what that means, but this is the look that they wanted for it :)
This was actually my favorite one on the girl.

 And this is the one for the "Western" Category.
This is the one that was way over the top to me, but the customer loved it, so I guess it's all good...

I did enjoy working with this client. Under all the stress (and who wouldn't be stressed with 6 children??) she was the sweetest woman, and her kids are adorable.

And what were my kids doing while I slaved away on this project?
Most of the time they were asleep (I worked this order in the EARLY morning or LATE night most of the week), but last night they were right there with me....

And they were FABULOUS!!!!
My great staff was a tremendous help and the kids were so good...
They even got an ice cream cone on the way home from delivering the order because they were so good!

I am glad this one is done, and look forward to working with this client another time.

What did you create this week?