Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Transformed Room!

In our old house all of the storage was built ins in Audrey' room, so we couldn't bring them with us. This lead to some problems in the new house....

 But not long ago we found a solution...

Oh, her room is so much better now and I am so much happier!!! AND it fit my budget, since it cost me $3.00 plus tax :)

A funny story on the paint. I was REALLY BROKE (seems to be my motto lately...) so I told Audrey that she HAD TO choose a "miss tint" at the hardware store. The miss tints are paint orders that didn't come out the color the customer wanted so they didn't buy it, therefore the store marks them way down to make something off of them. On this particular night Audrey was ADAMANT that we would paint the new storage thing pink, but there was no pink at the store. We were having a pretty heated debate about the colors they did have when one of the guys that knows me there came up and whispered in my ear "I can magically turn the yellow into pink for you at no extra cost..."

Ding Ding Ding.. I think we have a winner!!!

He did a little mixing magic and we were all happy. When I finished and put the storage thing next to her doll house I had to laugh... I don't think we could have matched it better if we tried, and we didn't try at all!!

What have you transformed recently?