Monday, July 26, 2010

Boot Stomping Time!

It's that time of year around here agian....
time for boot stompin' at the California Mid State Fair!
We aren't as crazy around here this year as we were last year (everyday, 12+ hours, a business booth AND kids showing!), and we headed up today for the first time.

I made the mistake of leaving my camera in the car with the kids while I ran in to grab some last mintue thing from the house.... These are some of the suprise pictures I found on my memory card when I check it out last night!

One of my favorite parts of the fair is Christmas shopping at all the booths that have unique items. I love finding hand crafted items that fit the personality of each of those on my shopping list! I planned to share some of those amazing finds here with all of you!

These adorable pot holders caught my attention. They are cute, colorful, unique (I have a bunch of Wrangler boys on my list!) and I thought a great price....
BUT after less than 2 minutes in the company of the owner of this both and her husband I would NEVER spend ONE PENNY there. She was completely rude beyond words, he was a complete ass and they both need a lesson in customer service... All I wanted to do was plug their cute product, but now I am going to tell YOU how to MAKE thier product and completely bypass them! So here you go... here are links to directions on making these ADORABLE Pot Holders!



And I think I will be doing a how to very soon to make ones that look even more like these, because I like the contrasting fabrics!

I know I will making some of these for this holiday season!

So after the last horrible experience I was a little gun shy about this product, but it was SO YUMMY!!!

I need not have worried... the owner operator of this booth was a DOLL and I will be heading back there to get yummy lotions and scrubs for my friends and family!! The Lemon Basil lotion was devine and Audrey loved some of the scrubs ( I can't remember the names, but I will let you know what we choose!)

Check her out HERE
The kids were pretty well behaved and we had a great time (for the most part, as long as you ignored the rude people..) and the weather was FABULOUS! Mid 80s and a nice wind blowing, who could ask for better at fair time??
Nat even found some things that interested him... he loved the coloring of this car!

Audrey enjoyed seeing the 4H and FFA animals coming in...

And then we ended the evening with a nice dinner with Uncle Grady... Nat was a bit of a pill at the resturant, but it was nice to see my brother for hte second time in a week! Fair should come more often so I could spend a little more time with Grady! :)


Tooje said...

Those boots are great. LOVE them. :) And booth runners who are rude are just bizarre to me....really? You take the time to make things, and the time to go sell them, and then you treat potential customers like pooh? Weird. Very weird.

Happy Tuesday!